Best Podcast Apps

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John Corpuz & Jackie Dove

John Corpuz flip-flopped between computer science and creative writing courses in school. As a contributor to Tom's Guide he's found a happy middle ground writing about apps, mobile gaming and other geekery.

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  • azz156
    what about podme on wp8, great little app
  • Parkinsona
    Downloaded one after reading this. Thanks for the info! :)
  • becomingb2
    I cannot find the article. The page is filled with advertising and links to all kinds items to purchase but the review of podcast apps isn't available. very frustrating how advertising is taking over our lives in every arena
  • Zaheer_4
    Click the arrows on the picture
  • Caliboss
    I can't believe it's not mentioned anywhere, but I'm using Sodio, it's really simple and beautiful.
  • xiaoyu
    I like CastBox the most
  • sgs8r
    On android, you should include the built-in Google Play as a baseline. It is what I use and it is quite good.