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Dual-Screen Nubia X Is Strangest Phone Ever, But May Be Coolest Yet

While most people hate the notch, some are not happy with the idea of mechanical solutions to enjoy true full screens — like the Oppo Find X sliding display or the Vivo Nex S pop-up camera.

The Nubia X uses a very different yet simple solution, one that may be make it into a cool albeit weird winner.

Credit: Nubia/Weibo via Gizmochina

(Image credit: Nubia/Weibo via Gizmochina)

The phone — which will launch on October 31, according to a post made today by Nubia’s CEO Ni Fei on Chinese social network Weibo — was originally named the Nubia Z18S. And its magic trick is that it has two displays, as you can see in this leaked video of a prototype:

Weird? Yes. A little. But think about it. Unlike what this video shows, the display on the back will not be used for normal operation and it will not be on at all times. That happens on the front, where user will find a true full-screen 6.26-inch LCD FHD+ display.

But if you want to make a selfie with your friends, you just have to fire up the camera app, turn it around, and use the two large sensors on the back while looking at your mugshots on a 5.1-inch HD+ OLED display.

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The main advantage of this is that you will be using two higher quality sensors than what you can get on the front face on any phone, including the iPhone Xs, the Google Pixel, or the Huawei P20 Pro. The main sensor is a 24 megapixels coupled with a 16 megapixel sensor. Combined with some AI, this will result in perhaps the best quality selfies on the planet.

And the same will go for videos, obtaining a much higher quality than what you get from your typical selfie camera sensors.

It will also be cool for taking photos of groups, as everyone will be able to see themselves as you take a photo. I can even imagine the possibility of using augmented reality filters while your photo subjects can see the effect on their faces. This all can be a lot of fun for that part of the public that love selfies.

The rest of the rumored details are on point for a flagship: Snapdragon 845 processor with 6 or 8 Gbytes of RAM and 64 to 128 GB of storage. And the obligatory 3800mAh battery with fast charging, which will be needed to feed the secondary display while in use.