Galaxy F Foldable Phone Leaked in New Samsung Video

A one-minute advertisement posted by Samsung Vietnam shows a tantalizing glimpse of what could be the next Galaxy Foldable, mixed with the Galaxy S10 and a bunch of unknown futuristic technologies.

The video, discovered by GizmoChina, was posted apparently by mistake in advance of the Samsung Unpacked launch event on February 20, in San Francisco, California. Samsung is expected to use this event to introduce the new Samsung Galaxy S10 series and the Galaxy foldable. The Korean company’s Vietnam branch immediately removed the video shortly after publishing it.

At the 23-second mark there’s a woman opening what looks to be a real Galaxy foldable, without the boxy casing that camouflaged its appearance during its preview of Samsung's Infinity Flex display at SDC 2018.

The clip itself is not a product advertisement but a brand advertisement. It shows a series of real Samsung products mixed with other more futuristic applications in a mashup of current reality and the near-future vision for the company.

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First a girl races in a tricycle carrying a Samsung Galaxy S9+. When she passes a large piece of glass a cartoon appears embedded in the window, responding to her presence. We know that Samsung electronics is working on transparent displays.

Then a fashion designer using gestures on three large vertical displays to dress a virtual mannequin. The company is the largest TV manufacturer in the world, and it is already investing in gesture-control technology.

An artist paints a tattoo on someone’s back using an unreleased Samsung tablet with very thin, almost non-existent bezels — most probably a concept for a future tablet. Given the race for no bezels, I wouldn’t be surprised if this is the direction Samsung wants to take in 2019 or 2020.

After that we discover that the artist is actually painting on a woman’s back remotely, using a tattooing robot (which is a bizarre thing to include in a branding video, but hey).

A woman standing against a city at night opens what seems to be the Galaxy foldable without any camouflage, although this can also be a concept for the next version.

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A pregnant woman is using a Galaxy phone with an attachment to capture a sonogram of her baby. Again, this is a near-future technology.

The phone looks like a Galaxy with what an Infinity X display may look like: an uninterrupted display with a camera hidden under the screen. And there are already portable sonogram machines for consumer use from different brands already. It’s only a matter of time before they get reduced in size and price.

Then a bunch of kids using Galaxy phones to play an augmented reality game to take down a monster in a playground, which may indicate Samsung’s interest in AR and to follow the trail blazed by Apple.

Finally, the video wraps up with the hashtag #DoWhatYouCant.

We will probably see this clip at the Unpacked event, along with a real view of the S10 and, hopefully, the Galaxy Foldable. And this definitely won't be the last foldable phone we'll see this month, as Huawei just sent out invites for its foldable phone launch on Feb. 24.

Image credits: Samsung via Gizmochina

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