Galaxy S10 Will Have True Full Screen, Under-Display Camera and 5G (Report)

Samsung has decided to go for Apple’s jugular. Rather than matching Apple’s small incremental updates, the Korean company is decided to launch a high-end titan with radical new features while covering all the bases with a lower-end flat screen version.

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(Image credit: Letsgodigital)

A Bloomberg report seems to confirm all the Samsung Galaxy S10 rumors that we have been seeing in the past few months, from a new display type that integrates all sensors — including a camera that works under the screen — to three separate models that includes one without a curved display.

The top-of-the-line models — the S10 and S10 Plus — will reportedly use OLED screens loaded with features that will allow Samsung to obtain a totally clean display face. According to the report, the phones will allegedly feature an ultra-sonic, in-display 3D fingerprint sensor that the company claims is more secure than any fingerprint ID technology before it.

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More importantly, the display will allegedly have selfie camera sensors embedded inside, without a notch. Called Under Panel Sensor, this technology unveiled at a recent Samsung display event will allow front-facing cameras to see through the display, eliminating the need to have a dedicated area to hold the sensors necessary for facial recognition or taking a selfie.

The display will also eliminate the need for mechanical sliders, like the ones in the Vivo Nex S, Oppo Find X, or the just announced Xiaomi Mi Mix 3.

The other possibility for the Galaxy S10 under-display camera and sensors is delivering a phone face with holes in it, something that is not nearly as futuristic as implied in the Samsung Display division presentation.



The flat screen S10 model will be cheaper, possibly without the in-display fingerprint sensor — depending on the cost — but with an under-display camera.

According to the report, all Samsung Galaxy S10 models will incorporate three cameras on the back, which seems weird considering the company recently introduced the world’s first quad camera phone in a lower end phone, the Galaxy A9.

In the US, the report claims that Samsung is talking with Verizon to introduce an S10 variant with 5G connectivity —codenamed “Beyond” — sometime in 2019. Verizon launched 5G home service in October 1, but we don’t exactly know what its plans are for wireless deployment.

All-new Galaxy S10s are expected to come with the Korean company’s version of Android Pie, Samsung Experience 10.

Samsung is rumored to introduce or at least tease its Galaxy S10 at CES 2018, but this hasn’t been confirmed yet.

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