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Oculus Quest Ditches Touch Controllers for Hand Tracking

(Image credit: Future)

SAN JOSE, CA - Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg kicked off Oculus Connect 6 with a blast announcing several new features for the Oculus Quest, the company's standalone virtual reality headset. The most important of which is hand-tracking. That's right, Quest will be ditching the Touch Controllers in favor of the best controllers available –– you're own hands.

(Image credit: Future)

This is a huge announcement as this it may signal the departure from the company’s Touch Controllers in future headsets. Although they’re the best controllers in the business, offering the most immersive, intuitive experience currently available in virtual reality. Hand tracking is the natural next step. I mean, what’s more natural than using your own hands to interact with the world.

Although there will be demos on the Oculus Connect 6 show floor, don't expect to get your hands on (pun intended) this technology until sometime next year.

(Image credit: Future)

Another big Quest announcement also affects the Rift. Noting that the Rift has better content, Zuckerberg revealed that starting in November, Quest owners can access that content via Oculus Link. A major software update, all you need to take advantage of Link is a PC, a Quest and a USB-C cable.

The hits kept coming with the announcement that Oculus is making over 50 apps from Oculus Go available on Quest, further expanding its formidable catalog. Quest will also get an update to its passthrough technology with Passthrough+, which brings Quests' integrated sensors on a par with the Rift S. And with the Passthrough on Demand feature, you can quickly switch between your VR encounter and the real world. The Guardian feature will also get a boost, further ensuring you don't run head-first into a wall while questing.