Steam Boxes May Get TV Shows, Movies and Music

Steam fans may never have to leave the comfort of their gaming systems again. Valve, the company behind SteamOS, could be adding movies, TV shows and music app types to its operating system, possibly adding a Netflix-like component to upcoming Steam boxes.

This speculation arises from bits of code discovered within a Steam Beta update that introduces five new app types with comments next to them saying, "film," "tvseries," "video," "plugin" and "music." The new app types were discovered by SteamDB, posting a before and after comparison of the same section in Steam's code.

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While SteamOS currently runs on PCs, many manufacturers, such as Alienware and ASUS, are already working on making SteamOS-powered machines that will go head to head against the PS4 and Xbox One.

While it's not entirely clear what the new IDs could be used for, it's a portent of things to come. IGN speculates that these changes could be part of Valve's effort to give users a deeper range of multimedia services to make Steam more accessible in the living room. 

You can already buy game soundtracks in Steam, and the songs are saved with the game in the system's directories. Steam was also rumored to support music streaming via Spotify, thanks to references spotted in the client last year.

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  • therealduckofdeath
    I think Valve should demand bigger logo's on Steam boxes. Possibly even large unremovable blinking signs.
  • mmohon
    Someone please: come out with a steam box geared specifically for in home game streaming and multimedia streaming. Make it sub 100$!! I'm all in if someone can make this.