Best Mirrorless Cameras 2016

Mirrorless cameras started as a product looking for a purpose, but they have grown into a distinct category with several advantages over DSLRs. Size is a major benefit: A mirrorless camera will always be smaller than a DSLR of the same capability, since it has fewer moving parts inside. The simpler mechanics often allow mirrorless cameras to shoot faster than DSLRs, too. 

Size and ability to frame shots on the rear screen make mirrorless models a natural upgrade from smartphone and compact point-and-shoot cameras. Even for advanced shooters, the screen adds the flexibility to frame shots from odd angles and to interact with their subjects instead of hiding behind an eyepiece. Many mirrorless cameras offer electronic viewfinders, as well; the best of them are suitable replacements for optical eyepieces.

Capabilities vary widely for mirrorless models, from entry level to pro grade. See our picks below to find camera that's right for you.

Here are the top mirrorless cameras for a variety of users, from beginners to pros. 

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