Apple TV Adds FOX NOW and CNBC Channels

While Apple fans continue to wait for a new Apple TV, the folks in Cupertino have at least been updating their $99 streaming box with new media channels. FOX and CNBC are the latest.

Unfortunately for cord-cutters, the new FOX NOW and CNBC channels will require a cable or satellite subscription to fully unlock all the content, although select clips and episodes will be available to nonsubscribers. FOX NOW features many popular shows from its network like American Idol, Glee, Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Family Guy. Additionally, FOX NOW will support next day viewings of new shows for pay TV users, and full first-season episodes of older shows for everyone.

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The CNBC channel supports viewing of live broadcasts for pay TV users while free users are restricted to older videos.

Apple has recently increased its efforts to add new channels to its streaming ecosystem. The company has announced future additions to the Apple TV lineup such as FX NOW and the recently announced Simpsons World featuring the complete Simpsons catalog.

Last week Apple added ABC News, PBS Kids, AOL On and Willow — bringing the total number of channels to over 40. This may be seen as Apple's attempt to play catchup with devices like the Roku, which has more than 1,000 channels.

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  • dstarr3
    Great. That's just what we need. Apple fanboys watching Fox. Instantly the most irritating people in any room.
  • okibrian
    No thanks. I got really tired of this, "will require a cable or satellite subscription" crap and moved on to other methods of streaming this content for free on a set top box. The networks really need to let this go or they will find more people finding alternate ways. Why not embrace the changing times, allow content to be streamed free with no strings attached and make your money in adds?
  • falchard
    Is there a Libertarian at Apple or something? The most libertarian channel, and one that shows several heavily leaning libertarian programs.
    You don't really need a cable or satellite subscription to watch Fox since its a broadcaster. All you need is an antenna. I have seen some people use a bobbing pin as an antenna to great effect (Even though it probably screwed up their coaxial port).

    Cable companies are starting to push for network television as a service through the internet. This is the main reason for the "Fast Lane". They are attempting to get Cable Television providers like ABC to buy an RF Channel for IP services or a "Fast Lane". Then getting consumers to buy a subscription from ABC for a monthly fee. (ABC would use these monthly fees to purchase the RF channel). As a business model it makes a lot more sense than CableTV. It simplifies the entire Cable setup to strictly Internet Service. It frees up 149 channels for purely internet communication. (Currently 8 channels). Network Television providers would probably receive more revenue. Cable customers would be paying less overall and be able to pick the services they want. It gets rid of the Achilles heel of Cable in providing legacy support for TVs with Cable Tuners. It promotes an unfair advantage for cable companies over ATT and Verizon as they untap the full potential of Cable Internet.