7 best TVs for Super Bowl 2024 — our top picks and lowest prices

TCL QM8 Mini-LED TV with football
(Image credit: TCL)

The Super Bowl — it’s the NFL’s biggest show of the year and quite literally the most-watched sporting event in the US. Last year’s Big Game, which saw the Kansas Chiefs go head to head against the Philadelphia Eagles, wrangled a viewership of over 113 million patrons, launching itself into history as the newfound most-watched Super Bowl since 2015. 

For its 58th showing, the NFL’s 2024 Super Bowl will see the San Francisco 49ers taking on the Kansas City Chiefs come Sunday, Feb. 12. All signs seemingly point to a Chiefs victory — that is, of course, if you ask the many Taylor Swift fans in the crowd — but, in reality, anything’s possible, especially with Usher headlining the half-time show. 

To experience this incredible showdown the right way, you’ll want to snag a certain display that meets the needs of your home Super Bowl scenario. Whether you’re all by yourself or lumped with a crowded living room, these following few TVs will be a surefire touchdown. And don’t fret if there’s nothing here that’s in your price range, as we at Tom’s Guide have a slew of TV deals to score, like the best cheap OLED TVs

Below, you'll find some of our top picks this year for experiencing the Super Bowl the right way. 

Best Super Bowl TV if you're watching with a few friends 

The Sony A95L QD-OLED TV that's new for 2023

(Image credit: Sony)


As one of the very best TVs on the block, the Sony A95L QD-OLED is a stunner of a Super Bowl display pick. Built with both quantum dot and OLED panel technology, the A95L sports one of the most stunning pictures, hitting essentially some of the best color coverage in the industry.

Our testing shows this TV averaging around 99.9% in both the Rec 709 gamut and UHDA-P3 gamut, while Rec 2020 gamut coverage sat at 89.41%, proving just how sophisticated its vibrancy is and the power behind Sony’s Cognitive Processor XR. Its HDR brightness is likewise top-notch, averaging around 1,215 nits of peak brightness that will make this year’s Super Bowl half-time show all the more entrancing. 

Plus, what makes the A95L so appealing for your watch party is its incredible speaker system, ensuring you don’t need to get one of the best Dolby Atmos soundbars. It has support for Dolby Atmos and uses a sophisticated Acoustic Surface Audio+ system to ensure sounds are crisp and emanating from the exact places they appear on-screen. 

The 65-inch model of the Sony XR A95L QD-OLED comes in at $3,499, so this display definitely doesn’t come cheap but should offer one of the best windows into this year’s Big Game for you and your small crowd. 

Best Super Bowl TV if you're watching by yourself 

TCL QM8 Mini LED TV sitting on desk

(Image credit: TCL)


At around $1,000, the TCL QM8 Mini-LED TV is one of the best bargains in the display market. Best of all is the QM8 hits a wide range of sizes, starting at 65-inch and going all the way up to 98-inch (at the insane price of $12,000). 

While the Super Bowl definitely calls for a large screen, if you’re all by yourself 98-inch just feels like overkill, though. The starting 65-inch model is perfect for the loner Super Bowl fan, as it is still a bit large but not too much to be ridiculous and not too small where you can’t catch all of the action.

The TCL QM8 comes with a host of features that will make watching the Super Bowl all the more enjoyable, like a high brightness output and vivid color coverage. It may not be an OLED, but still uses mini-LED technology to make the image pop where it matters and uses TCL’s AIPQ Engine Gene 3 to dramatically improve picture quality in real time. 

Best Super Bowl TV for a huge party 

JMGO N1 Ultra press image sitting on desk

(Image credit: JMGO)

JMGO N1 Ultra

Projectors don’t typically come highly regarded over their TV counterparts, but if you’re hosting a massive Super Bowl party you’ll want the largest screen possible, which is realistically only available on a projector like the JMGO N1 Ultra. Measuring from 60 to 150-inch, the N1 Ultra has quite the range on its potential screen size – although it doesn’t hit the same heights as Sony’s VPL-VW235ES at a whopping 200-inch. 

Still, JMGO’s N1 does well in bringing a quality image using a triple color laser light source built on a pedestal projector design. This is a far-throw iteration, meaning you place it at a set distance away from a particular surface. Despite its slow operating system and limited I/O, the N1 Ultra proves valiant as a Super Bowl entertainment system, leveraging stellar performance metrics.

In our tests, we found the N1 Ultra could hit a peak brightness of 2,143 lumens in tandem with as much as 100% sRGB coverage and 96% coverage of the DCI-P3 gamut. It’s not exactly the most ideal system for gaming, leveraging an input lag of 144ms (28ms when in game mode). For the Super Bowl, though, the N1 Ultra should prove incredible ideal in bringing the game to life via expert contrast and a pretty decent speaker. 

Now's a great time to pick one up, too, as it's on sale at Amazon for $1,599.

Best Super Bowl TV for a dedicated home theater 

Hisense U8K sitting on table in living room

(Image credit: Hisense)

Hisense U8K Mini-LED TV

While the N1 Ultra can hit sizes of over 100-inch, it’s generally harder to do that with a conventional TV and not spend several thousands to procure. The Super Bowl is probably best suited for that 85-inch TV range and anything over that is simply just a flex, which brings us to the 100-inch Hisense U8K, a massive display built for the home theater mindset. 

Built on the Google TV backbone, the U8K has everything you could ask for entertainment-wise, all of which is customizable to your liking. It comes equipped with an ATSC 3.0 tuner, which allows it pretty awesome sound and picture performance. Via an incredibly high brightness output, hitting a whopping 1,788 nits, the U8K easily also comes heralded as one of the best mini-LED TVs and a staple of the technology. 

The Hisense U8K is also relatively affordable. The 100-inch model will certainly run you a high premium, resting at $3,000, but you can get its 65-inch model for as low as $900 depending on the ongoing sales. And, if that’s still just a bit too much out of your price range, the Hisense U6K is available for just $349 at the time of writing. 

Best Super Bowl Value TV 

The LG C3 OLED wall-mounted in a living room.

(Image credit: LG)


Expertly positioned in the value Super Bowl TV category is LG’s C3 OLED, a pretty phenomenal feat of display engineering that we at Tom’s Guide simply can’t get enough of. As one of the best OLED TVs and arguably a stellar value all around, the C3 proves to be quite compelling at $1,299 for its 48-inch model. 

At that price, you’re getting a remarkable OLED screen that hits most of the necessary color coverage. Given that it is an OLED, the brightness potential isn’t exactly as on point as others on this list, but you won’t be missing any touchdowns or picks thanks to the TV’s a9 AI Processor Gen 6. The chipset ensures you get the cleanest image and works wonders on delivering its stellar image quality. 

Once the Big Game festivities have run their course, you could always hop into a quick game of Madden 24 Ultimate Team and experience the C3’s immaculate gaming coverage. With an input lag of 9.1ms in Game Optimizer mode in tandem with both VRR and ALLM, the C3 comes as one of the better gaming TV options, too. 

Best Super Bowl TV for the outdoor gazebo 

SunBrite Veranda on outdoor patio

(Image credit: SunBrite)

SunBrite TV Veranda 3

It’s not often where one needs an outdoor TV, but if any event calls for a trip to the gazebo it’s certainly the Super Bowl. SunBrite makes some of the most phenomenal TVs for the outdoors, best witnessed in its Veranda 3 series, which comes in 3 main sizes of 55-inch, 65-inch, and 75-inch. 

The Veranda 3 is rated at IP55, which gifts it incredible protection on practically anything thrown its way, including dust, water, and even solid objects. This also allows it to be used in temperatures ranging from -24 to 104 degree Fahrenheit, making it the perfect display for a “True Detective’” season 4 watch along in the middle of the Arctic snowscape. 

It’ll also work wonders for the Big Game thanks to remarkable color coverage through the utilization of quantum dots. And while it might not sport the highest brightness levels, averaging around 528 nits, it’s still quite a grand display for the outside gazebo, but you will be paying for it at a $2,898 premium. 

Best OLED Super Bowl TV 

Samsung S95C OLED TV

(Image credit: Future)

Samsung S95C OLED TV

The Samsung S95C comes heralded as one of the most sophisticated displays in the market and is one of the only to receive a full 5 stars among Tom’s Guide TV reviews. The short list of cons include no Dolby Vision and a subpar speaker system, but beyond that the Samsung S95C pulls out all the stops to ensure it a worthwhile contender in the OLED category. 

As one of the few displays on this list of best Super Bowl TVs to leverage a 144Hz refresh rate, the Samsung S95C sure does host a valiant system. Its use of the Neural Quantum Processor 4K is what fills it with so much magic, gifting it a 9.2ms input lag, 1,370 nits of peak HDR brightness, and one of the cleanest image processing in the industry. 

As for its color coverage, you certainly won’t be missing out as it leverages quite an impressive 141.5% of the rec 709 gamut, making it perfect for the Super Bowl. Still, you will be paying the high price of $3,299 for its 65-inch model. 

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