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How to use Disney Plus: Tips, tricks and instructions

Creating Disney Plus profiles for your kids and loved ones

You didn’t subscribe to Disney Plus just to keep all of your favorite shows and movies to yourself, but you also don’t want your relatives messing up your watch lists and recommendations. We got you.

You can easily add up to six additional profiles, for a total of seven profiles that can be accessed across four devices simultaneously. Here’s how to set them up:

Disney Plus

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1. From the Disney Plus home screen on your app or from the Disney Plus website, select Add Profile to the right of your own profile icon. You may need to tap or select your profile icon first.

Disney Plus add profiles

(Image credit: Disney Plus)

2. Choose an icon for your new profile. There are villains, Disney Channel stars, princesses, Marvel heroes and, yes, even baby Yoda. 

Disney Plus add profiles

(Image credit: Disney Plus)

3. Add a profile name. 

4. Select if the new profile is for a child or not. That will put some content restrictions in place.

Disney Plus add profiles

(Image credit: Disney Plus)

5. Hit Save.

And your Disney Plus household has grown by a whole new person. 

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