The next big Netflix true crime show is almost here — mark your calendars

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If you couldn’t stop talking about The Tinder Swindler and have already binged Inventing Anna, you won’t be stuck for what to watch next for long. The next big Netflix true crime show (which looks like a sure-fire entry into our best Netflix documentaries list) is hitting the streaming service this week. 

Worst Roommate Ever is set to release on Netflix on March 1, and the show looks set to dominate social media and have you never wanting to cohabitate ever again. The five-part documentary series will focus on four terrifying true stories of, you’ve guessed it, the worst roommates you could possibly imagine.

These roommates aren’t just the sort who will eat your clearly labelled food and invite friends to crash on your couch without giving you a heads up. No, the roommates in this series are a whole different level of nightmarish. One of the cases featured is Dorothea Puente, a serial killer infamous for murdering tenants in her Sacramento home in the 1980s.

The other cases featured are equally as chilling, but we don’t want to delve any further into spoiler territory so will leave you to find out exactly why for yourself (have a taste with the trailer below). The Netflix original series comes from Blumhouse Productions, the production company responsible for horror hits like The Purge and Get Out. 

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The show will feature a range of archive footage as well as interviews with the victims, who will recount their experiences in full detail. Netflix describes the show as “four harrowing tales of roommates turning into real-life nightmares for their unsuspecting victims.” It’s safe to say that after watching Worst Roommate Ever, you probably decide that you’d rather live on your own. 

It’s already been a strong year for Netflix when it comes to true crime programming, with Tinder Swindler and Inventing Anna dominating (virtual) watercooler conversations for weeks. It definitely looks like Worst Roommate Ever will do the same when it hits the streaming platform this week. 

March is shaping up to be a strong month for Netflix. Bridgerton season 2 will hit the platform as will new sci-fi movie The Adam Project which stars Ryan Reynolds. It’s not all good news for the world’s biggest streamer though, as it looks like the Netflix Marvel shows have found a new home. Plus, we’re starting to get frustrated with the long wait for Better Call Saul season 5 to hit the service. 

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