Netflix has a new true crime hit on its hands — and it’s not The Tinder Swindler

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Netflix is offering true crime fans plenty of new content to get excited about this month. After The Tinder Swindler took the internet by storm last week, the streaming service already has a new drama series that is making similar waves. 

Inventing Anna is a nine-part mini-series focused on Anna Delvey, a fraudster who convinces the New York elite she is a German heiress, stealing their hearts (and money) in the process. Just like The Tinder Swindler, it’s centred on a con artist who manages to pull the wool over people’s eyes in some quite astonishing ways.  

However, unlike the story of dating app con artist Simon Leviev, Inventing Anna is not a documentary: it’s a drama series. The show isn’t entirely fictitious, though — it’s all based on a true story that was originally detailed in a New York magazine article from 2018. After you finish the series, it’s definitely worth giving it a read for some extra details.

The series stars Julia Garner in the titular role, alongside Anna Chlumsky who plays a journalist inventing the con. The cast also features Arian Moayed, Katie Lowes, Alexis Floyd, Anders Holm and Jeff Perry. 

Inventing Anna only hit the streaming platform a few days ago but has already made quite an impression. The series is currently ranking as the most viewed show on Netflix in both the U.S. and U.K., beating out stiff competition from the aforementioned Tinder Swindler as well as the new season of reality dating show Love is Blind

Social media is currently abuzz with reactions and plenty of viewers seem to have fallen down the Inventing Anna rabbit hole. A quick search of any social media platform will bring up the expected collection of reaction memes and incredulity at how the scammer managed to defraud so many people with such apparent ease. 

The true drama series continues Netflix’s strong start to 2022. With new hits like Inventing Anna and The Tinder Swindler already gaining serious traction, plus the return of some favourites including Ozark and Love is Blind, Netflix is certainly justifying its recent price hike (although, not everyone is staying subscribed). 

Netflix has plenty more must-watch original content on the horizon, too. Stranger Things season 4 and Bridgerton season 2 will help the service dominate the streaming conversation in the coming months, not to mention there will be lots more true crime offerings that will have subscribers hooked throughout the year.  

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