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GameStop in-store PS5 restock is now over — where to check for inventory next

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Update: We're getting reports that GameStop's instore PS5 restock is now over. Make sure to check our PS5 restock hub for the latest updates and the retailers to check for inventory next. 

If you're hoping to score a PS5 restock to kick off the new year, you're in luck. GameStop is preparing to hold an in-store PS5 restock this week. This will be the retailer's first drop of the PS5 console in 2022. 

News of this restock originally came via @PS5restocks_etc (opens in new tab) on Twitter, and the tip-off was subsequently corroborated by reliable trackers including Matt Swider (opens in new tab) and Jake Randall (opens in new tab), before GameStop itself confirmed an in-store drop is indeed due to be held at select locations today (Friday, January 14).

The GameStop website (opens in new tab) now includes a note announcing that "PS5 Bundles will be in select stores on 1.14" and there's even a handy store locater tool, which tells you exactly which stores will have stock. Make sure to check your local branch is participating in the drop before heading out. 

This in-store restock will likely start from each individual store opening time (which could be as early as 8 a.m. local time) — but expect eager shoppers to start queuing for the console much earlier than this. You'll want to load up on coffee and head out early if you hope to secure a machine in this restock. 

As is now the standard with GameStop PS5 restocks, the console will only be available in pre-built bundles. These packages will likely contain PS5 games, extra controllers, digital credit, and a GameStop gift card. GameStop always charges the combined retail price of the items within its bundles, so you won’t be getting price gouged at least. 

While some previous GameStop in-store restocks have been open to everyone, this latest restock event will be held exclusively for PowerUp Reward Pro members. Make sure to get signed up now (opens in new tab) ahead of time. If you're not a Pro member, you will likely be denied the opportunity to purchase a console during the restock. 

If your nearest GameStop isn't partaking in this in-store PS5 restock or you'd rather purchase your console online, be sure to check our PS5 restock hub for the latest updates. We can't guarantee you a machine, but it’ll help make the job of tracking down a next-gen console a little bit more manageable.

PS5 restock tracker — stores to check

Rory Mellon
Rory Mellon

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