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Black Friday Xbox Series X deals — Best sales and what to expect

black friday xbox series x deals
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Update: The best Xbox Series X Cyber Monday deals are live! Check them out. 

The best Xbox Series X Black Friday deals won't involve the newly released Xbox Series X or Series S themselves. The consoles were just released and retailers will likely be selling them at full price for years to come. We're keeping track of where the Xbox Series X is in stock though, in case you're still hunting for the wildly popular, fast-selling system or its Series S sibling.

But there's more to Black Friday Xbox Series X deals than just the console itself. A lot of games and accessories are going to be on sale. Upcoming titles like Cyberpunk 2077 and already released gems such as Ori and the Will of the Wisps, both of which are listed down below, are on sale right now! You can grab them for greatly discounted prices as long as you act fast. 

We're also seeing sales on Xbox One gear that will work just fine with the Xbox Series X. Expect more deals on games and accessories as the month progresses, even though the console will remain at full price (if you can find one at all, that is).

Black Friday deals are ending and Cyber Monday deals are just around the corner. As such, the Tom’s Guide crew is on the lookout for any remaining Black Friday Xbox Series X deals — and we’ve found quite a few to tide you over until Cyber Monday's onslaught of savings arrives. 

We've found a good number of discounts on Xbox Series X games and accessories, so take advantage of them while you can. Just bear in mind that you’re (probably) not going to see any price breaks on the console itself just yet, though we can also help you find where the Xbox Series X is still in stock.

Black Friday Xbox Series X deals right now

Xbox Series X games

Ori and the Will of the Wisps: was $30 now $12.99 @ Best Buy
Ori and the Will of the Wisps debuted on the Xbox One, but it's now one of the standout titles for the Xbox Series X/S, thanks to optimizations. You can play the game in 4K with HDR color palettes, as well as a fluid frame rate and instantaneous loading times. The game is now available for less than half of its normal price.View Deal

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night was $40 now $19.99 @Best Buy
Perhaps the best video game to ever come out of Kickstarter, Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night is a Metroidvania inspired by the classic Castlevania series. You control Miriam, who hunts all sorts of demons and monsters in an enormous, colorful castle. The game is backwards compatible with Xbox Series X, and well worth a look.View Deal

Marvel's Avengers: was $60 now $24.99 @ Best Buy
Join Iron Man, Thor, Hulk and the rest of the gang in saving San Francisco, and the rest of the world, from an evil tech corporation bent on global domination.View Deal

FIFA 21: was $60 now $27.99 @ Best Buy
The newest game in the immensely popular football sim franchise builds on its predecessors with smarter players, an enhanced career mode and the chance to take your game out of the stadium with Volta Football mode.View Deal

Gears Tactics: was $60 now $29.99 @ Amazon
Gears fans, rejoice: Gears' first tactical, Xcom-inspired spinoff game is finally available on Xbox Series X and Xbox One after releasing on PC earlier in 2020. Tactics makes a ton of neat changes to the turn-based strategy genre and is a lot of fun as a result. It's a game that'll keep you busy for many, many hours, making the current sale price a good deal.View Deal

Watch Dogs Legion: was $60 now $29.99 @ Amazon
Watch Dogs Legion is the third game in Ubisoft’s dystopian open-world stealth series, and lets you play as just about anyone you meet in a near-future London. Each character has different strengths and weaknesses, and building your team is half the challenge. This game offers Smart Delivery for Xbox One and Xbox Series X.View Deal

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: was $60 now $49.94 @ Walmart
Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is the latest game in Ubisoft’s long-running historical action/stealth series. This time, you’ll take control of a Viking in medieval England who must forge a tenuous piece between the Christian Saxons and the pagan Danes. This game is available at a slight discount, and will work with both the Xbox One and Xbox Series X.View Deal

Cyberpunk 2077: was $60 now $49.94 @ Amazon
After almost a decade in the making, Cyberpunk 2077 is finally on the verge of being released, meaning we're only a matter of days away from being able to explore a technological dystopia filled with edgy, punk-rock aesthetics and robot arms. Get your pre-order in now to shave $10 off the game's usual MSRP.View Deal

Xbox Series X accessories

Razer Kraken Gaming Headset: was $80 now $49.99 @ Amazon
The Razer Kraken is one Razer’s best wired gaming headsets, offering rich 50 mm drivers and large, comfortable earcups. There’s also a retractable microphone and Thanks to its 3.5 mm audio jack, it can plug directly into the Xbox Series X controller. Check out the various color schemes, as they’re discounted differently.View Deal

Seagate Storage Expansion for Xbox: now $220 @ Amazon
Once you start loading up your Xbox with games, you might need extra space to store them all. This 1TB drive plugs into a specific port in the Series X and Series S, and allows you to play games directly from the card.  View Deal

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate: was $15 now $1 @ MS Store
Xbox Game Pass Ultimate gives you access to a whole load of PC games as well and cross-platform titles that'll sync across a Windows 10 machine and an Xbox One or Xbox Series X. For a limited time, it's price has been slashed down to just $1, making it a huge bargain. View Deal

Black Friday Xbox Series X deals: What to expect

A quick refresher: The Xbox Series X came out worldwide on November 10, and costs $500. Also debuting on Nov. 10 was the $300 Xbox Series S: a smaller, cheaper alternative that plays all the same games, but at lower resolutions and with less SSD storage space. Regardless of which model you want, you’ll have a hard time finding an Xbox Series X that’s still in stock.

Because the Xbox Series X is so new, we don’t think there’ll be any Black Friday discounts on the console itself. We don’t even anticipate that the console will be widely available until early next year. However, if retailers do get some Xbox Series X units in stock, we imagine they’ll try to sell them as expensive bundles. (There was an Advanced Xbox Series X System Bundle at GameStop, but it seems to be out of stock; check back later.) 

Whether these bundles offer any kind of price break is up to individual retailers, but at this point, there’s no real reason to provide extra incentives, as simply having the console in stock should be enough.

Instead, the Black Friday Xbox Series X deals you should look for will most likely involve Xbox One games and accessories. Don’t dismiss this gear as inherently last-gen — the Xbox Series X will be compatible with just about every Xbox One game and accessory. Some newer games, like Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, will even take advantage of Microsoft’s Smart Delivery system to give you access to optimized Xbox One and Xbox Series X versions of the game with a single purchase.

Xbox Wireless Controller: was $60 now $39.99 @ Microsoft
The Xbox Series X controller is slightly different from the Xbox One controller, but the Xbox One controller will still work just fine with Microsoft’s new system. You can pick between black, white and blue color options.View Deal

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