Apple just made it easier to ditch Android for iPhones — here's how

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If you’re rocking a relatively recent Android phone, but have decided to swap over to an iPhone, you’re in luck — because Apple just made it even easier for you to trade in your device and switch.

Apple has just added a bunch more devices to its trade-in program (as spotted by MacRumors), as well as altering how much you can claim for older handsets. So if you picked up a Google Pixel 4a, Pixel 5, or Samsung Galaxy Note 20 towards the end of last year, Apple will now happily take it off your hands.

The Pixel 5 is worth $350 of trade-in credit, while you’ll get $180 for the Pixel 4a and $425 for the Galaxy Note 20. It’s not a lot of money given these phones are all less than a year old, but any savings you can get on a new iPhone are better than nothing. 

In fact, trading in a Pixel 5 would leave you with almost enough credit to purchase a $399 iPhone SE 2020 outright — though that’s assuming it’s in near-perfect condition. The actual value of a trade-in will depend on whether the device has scratches, dents, or doesn’t work correctly, so no accidentally breaking your Pixel 5 then trying to pawn it off on Apple for a quick $350.

Sadly, Apple has also dropped the trade-in price on a bunch of older handsets:

Interestingly, some older Samsung Galaxy devices have actually increased in value. It’s not clear why, but presumably it's based on demand or on the fact that these are the kind of phones that people might be likely to upgrade soon. Those devices are:

If you happen to be rocking a phone that isn’t eligible for trade-in, Apple will still take it off your hands for recycling. You won’t get any money for it, but it also won’t cost you anything.

So if you’re ready to switch from Android, now might just be the time to do it. You should certainly get it done soon, before any more flagship phones launch and your current device further declines in value. Apple has all the details on how trade in works on its website.

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