Matrix Awakens demo is the best looking PS5 game — how to download it

The Matrix Awakens keyart
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During The Game Awards 2021, The Matrix Awakens went live on PS5. This free demo lets you experience the world of The Matrix like never before. It even comes complete with a fully 3D modeled Keanu Reeves acting as a sort of virtual tour guide.

It should be noted that the Matrix Awakens isn’t a fully fleshed-out game. It’s actually a tech demo designed to showcase the power of Epic’s Unreal Engine 5 (and promote the upcoming The Matrix Resurrections). Even if it's a little short, it's still well worth experiencing. Especially as The Matrix Awakens is a completely free download. 

Since its launch, the PS5 has attracted criticism from some corners of the internet for lacking games that truly feel next-gen, but it’s hard to argue that The Matrix Awakens is anything but a next-level experience. Put simply, it’s a visual stunner in just about every department. 

It’s not quite as an impression when it comes to keeping a stable framerate. The demo targets 30 fps but regularly falls below this benchmark. Nevertheless, when navigating The Matrix Awakens’ virtual city you'll almost certainly be floored by how detailed everything looks. 

If future next-gen games will look like this, then we can wait to see the likes of GTA 6 or Dead Space remake running on the PS5. So, while you wait for full games to take advantage of the power of next-gen hardware, we strongly recommend having a toy with The Matrix Awakens yourself — all the details you need to get playing are below. 

How to download The Matrix Awakens on PS5

The Matrix Awakens product listing on the PlayStation Store on PS5

(Image credit: Sony)

1. From your PS5 home screen, navigate to the PlayStation Store.
The Matrix Awakens is highlighted in the spotlight section of the PlayStation Store for easy access, but as this is constantly changing, the easiest way to locate the demo is to use the PlayStation Store search tool. Just search for The Matrix and it'll be among the first few results.
3. Once you're on The Matrix Awakens product listing page, press the download button. The demo will now begin downloading to your console, it’s just shy of 26GB in size.
4. The demo should now appear on your home screen, click on its game tile to begin playing The Matrix Awakens.  

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