Autographer Wearable Camera Captures Your Day Intelligently

So-called lifelogging — automatically recording your life as it happens — has been improving as mobile tech gets smaller, cheaper and more powerful. There are several cameras on the market today, such as the Narrative Clip (formerly known as Memoto), each taking thousands of images per day to capture how you live your life and organizing them with software that makes the flood of images navigable.

Rather than just taking photos at set times as other devices do, a new gadget called the Autographer uses five sensors to look for changes in the environment to determine when is the best time to shoot, its maker claims.

Autographer includes an image sensor that reads a location’s light and brightness, a thermometer, a magnetometer that knows the direction the camera is facing, an infrared motion detector, and an accelerometer that measures the camera’s movement. Built-in GPS also records the location of each image.

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Besides using these sensors for timing purposes, the Autographer also records this data for each photo it takes. The camera’s software then lets you look at all this information while browsing through the images. This allows you to instantly find images tied to those data points, such as a single location or specific direction the camera was facing. The PC or Mac software also lets you grab images by day or by tags you add, such as “food” or “family.” You can also edit photos, share them, create animated GIFs or videos. There is also a mobile app to examine your photos and data.

The camera has a wide-angle lens with 136-degree view and 5-megapixel sensor. According to the company, the Autographer will take an average of 2,000 images per day, and the 8GB of internal memory will hold about 8 days of images. Autographer told us that it can squeeze in so many images by compressing each to between 200k to 700k, which could affect the quality. The device has a small OLED display, weighs 58g (about 2 ounces), and measures 37.4mm wide x 90mm tall x 22.9 mm deep (1.47 inches x 3.5 inches x .9 inches).

The Autographer will sell for $399 and ships November 15. Preorders on are open.

Autographer product video

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    The NSA will go bankrupt.
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    The funny part is there's people so arrogant out there that they genuinely think other people are clamoring to see 8000 pictures a day, of their day.
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