Mozilla Urging Developers to Build Apps For Firefox OS

Jay Sullivan, Mozilla's vice president of products, has explained why developers should have an interest in Firefox OS.

"If you're looking to build and develop mobile software without the 30 percent toll [Apple charges], Firefox OS will appeal to you," he told a room filled with about 75 developers.

Sullivan continued on to stress that Mozilla has created a way (a "payments API") for regular web browsers to handle payments in the same way that native mobile applications do. Due to this, Mozilla expects this development to spearhead the creation of multiple app stores.

Referring to the developer method of testing two different options with users, he said, "You can't do A/B testing in the iOS app store".

Sullivan added that the learning curve for any operating system that wants to compete with Apple's iOS and Google's Android should be straightforward and easy to for developers to familiarize themselves with.

"No new ecosystem will emerge unless it doesn't require developers to learn a lot of new stuff." Firefox OS is built entirely on HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS, which are code frameworks that developers already have experience with, he added.

"Microsoft will be the last to experiment with proprietary native code," said Mozilla's director of research Andreas Gal. "It will either fail and make Apple and Google the only two to have successful private systems, or it will succeed and it will take longer for them to go away."


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  • Anonymous
    Waterfox isn't even made made by Mozilla.
    Mozilla releases the source code for Firefox, and some developers modify it to make Waterfox.

    Also what's all this bashing? I thought that you all wanted competition?
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  • smuggl3r
    Mozilla is not Google. They are not big enough to create a whole ecosystem. They will fail.
  • getochkn
    Just what we need, another OS no one will use.
  • cosmic101
    They can't even get a 64bit browser, organized and out into the market. I have very little faith in this endeavor.