Revamped Google Maps Hits iOS

Google last week launched a brand new version of Google Maps for Android users and promised that the iOS version of the same app was on the way. On Tuesday, Google announced that the revamped Google Maps had arrived on iOS.

The new version of Maps boasts enhanced navigation as well as Explore, a new feature that helps users discover places to eat and shop nearby. There's also now a dedicated iPad design that offers a smoother more fluid experience, biking navigation and directions, indoor navigation, live traffic updates, and integrated ratings from Zagat, reviews, and offers.

You might recall that Google faced a bit of backlash from Maps users for ditching offline maps and replacing it with a feature that allowed you to cache an area just by typing 'OK maps,' in the search field. Though Google did an about face on this for Android just one day later, there's no word on whether it plans to do the same for iOS.

Visit the App Store today to download the new Google Maps for iPhone and iPad.

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  • Azn Cracker
    congrats iphone user get to catch up a bit
  • Kryan
    the new version is prettier, sure. Functionality is down the drain though. I don't want to/can't always pinch to getting turn by turn navigation going used to be 3 it's like complimenting a woman...complicated and you'll probably end up somewhere you don't want to be