I'm a mattress tester — 3 Casper beds I'd buy for back pain in 4th of July sales

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Casper has been making mattresses for over a decade and are one of the most recognizable and trusted mattress-in-a-box brands. The brand has recently overhauled its entire range, now offer five new mattresses to suit a range of sleepers. Right now, my top sale pick is 30% off the Casper Dream Hybrid at Casper, with ergonomic memory foam and zoned support for pressure relief.

Like many of this year's best mattresses for all sleepers and budgets, Casper’s range mainly consists of hybrid mattresses that offer a blend of coils for support and foam for comfort and contouring. There is one all-foam option as well but, even with sale prices, these mattresses all sit in the upper mid-range to premium price brackets.

If you have back pain and are wondering if a Casper mattress is the right choice for you in the 4th of July mattress sales, here's what you need to know...

Are Casper mattresses good for back pain?

A good mattress for back pain offer plenty of support to keep the spine aligned, but enough cushioning comfort not to build up pressure points. The Casper hybrid mattresses are particularly suited to back pain sufferers, as they offer several features to help support the spine and lumbar region. 

Casper uses zoned support, meaning that the mattress is softer around the shoulders to prevent pressure build up, but firmer under the lumbar region to keep the spine aligned and effectively supported. 

It achieves this by using memory foam to align to your body, with firmer foam in the center to support the waist and hips, along with responsive coils underneath for superior support. For many back pain sufferers, this will be an excellent combination.

Which Casper mattress should you buy in 4th of July sales?

With upper mid-range to premium prices, it’s worth waiting for a Casper mattress sale to pick up a bargain. With the 4th of July sales on the horizon, I’ve picked three of the best mattresses in a box at different budgets from Casper to help with your back pain.

1. Casper One Mattress

1. Casper One Mattress

Was: From $875
Now: From $610
Saving: Up to $830 at Casper

Best for: Back sleepers

Summary: The Casper One is now the brand’s only foam mattress, replacing the Casper Original and The Casper. Despite the fact that it’s all-foam, it’s surprisingly firm and I feel is particularly suited to back sleepers. Employing the same ergonomic foam as the two hybrids above, the One also has supportive base that prevents any sagging or sinking too far into the mattress. Sensibly, the top layer of flex foam is made with open cell foam to try and prevent overheating although it’s worth noting that an all-foam bed will sleep hotter than a hybrid, which has coils to promote airflow. Still, if your heart is set on an all-foam mattress, the One is great choice – particularly as it’s a firmer option that will help ease back pain and joint aches.

Benefits: 100-night trial | 10-year warranty | Free shipping

Price history: As with other Casper mattresses, the One currently has 30% off all sizes. As it’s the cheapest in the range, this means you can pick up a real bargain, with a queen size mattress currently on offer for $870 instead of the MSRP of $1,245.

2. Casper Dream Hybrid Mattress

2. Casper Dream Hybrid Mattress

Was: From $1,495
Now: From $1,045
Saving: Up to $900 at Casper
Best for: All sleep styles; particularly back sleepers

Summary: The Casper Dream Hybrid replaces the Casper Original Hybrid and boosts the same ergonomic memory foam that’s firmer under the hips and lumbar for support, but softer around the shoulders and knees for pressure relief. This enhanced support ensures that your spine is kept aligned, making this a great choice for back pain sufferers. A little bit of bounce and softness means that the mattress is also good for combination sleepers, who should find it easy to change position overnight. This does mean that motion isolation is a bit hit and miss, and I don’t think this mattress is firm enough for any but the lightest stomach sleepers. But, in general, this is a great all-rounder, and the open cell foam and coil layer help keep sleepers from overheating.

Benefits: 100-night trial | 10-year warranty | Free shipping

Price history: Although Casper has discounted its mattresses by as much as 35% in the past, the current 30% off drop is a big saving. You can currently pick up a queen Dream Hybrid for $1,305 (MSRP $1,875).

3. Casper Snow Max Hybrid Mattress

3. Casper Snow Max Hybrid Mattress

Was: From $3,125
Now: From $2,185
Saving: Up to $1,880 at Casper
Best for: Hot sleepers with back pain; side sleepers

Summary: What if you’re a hot sleeper who suffers with back pain? The Casper Snow Max Hybrid could be the answer. There’s no getting away from the fact it’s a pricey option though. Using the same ergonomic foam and responsive coils as the Dream Hybrid, the Snow Max Hybrid offers plenty of lumbar support for your back. But this mattress has added features for cooling, including heat delete bands, phase change material and a cover that remains cool to the touch. It does have a slightly softer feel, so I’d recommend it to side sleepers primarily. As you’ll see in our best mattresses for side sleepers selections, a plusher feel allows the shoulders and hips to sink in, providing pressure relief and preventing aches and pains. 

Benefits: 100-night trial | 10-year warranty | Free shipping

Price history: As with the Dream Hybrid above, the Snow Max Hybrid currently has 30% off across all sizes. And with this being such an expensive mattress, these discounts can be sizeable. You can currently pick up a queen for $2,620, saving $1,125 on the MSRP of $3,745.

What to look for in a mattress for back pain 

There’s no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to the best mattress for back pain, although there are some general rules of thumb you can follow. The most important thing when choosing a mattress for back pain is that it provides adequate pressure relief in your chosen sleeping position. So back sleepers should look at medium to medium firm mattresses, preferably with zoned support or enhanced lumbar support to help keep the spine aligned. 

For stomach sleepers or those with lower back pain, a good firm mattress should suit you well. Stomach sleepers need extra support to keep their hips raised and spines aligned. I’d also recommend a firmer mattress to heavier people, so they don’t sink too far into the mattress.

Side sleepers need more cushioning around their shoulders and hips to prevent pressure build up, so whilst a medium to firm mattress might suit most sleepers with back pain, don’t rule out something slight softer if you need this cushioning. 

Jo Plumridge
Mattress tester and sleep writer

Jo Plumridge is an experienced mattress reviewer with several years' experience covering all things mattresses and sleep, and who tests memory foam, hybrid and organic mattresses. What Jo doesn't know about a boxed mattress isn't worth knowing, so naturally we tasked her with producing a series of features for Tom's Guide looking at all aspects of mattresses, from how to pick between latex and memory foam (it's a tricky one), to the seven mistakes people make when buying a mattress for the first time. When testing the DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid for Tom's Guide, Jo said: "I loved the back support and pressure relief it offered. Plus, it looks far more expensive than it is." When she isn’t writing about sleep, Jo also writes extensively on interior design, home products and photography.