Not a typo! Walmart is selling a Linenspa queen mattress for just $158 right now

A woman sitting on a Linenspa Dreamer 8-inch Hybrid Mattress wrapped in a blue blanket, a Tom's Guide price drop deals graphic (left)
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Want a hybrid mattress from our guide to the best beds and change from $100? No, it's not a pipe dream. The Linenspa Dreamer 8-inch Hybrid mattress really is as cheap as $88 at Walmart in the 4th of July sales.

The Linenspa Hybrid has earned a place in our best mattress hub thanks to its comfortable build and impressive affordability – and that's at full price. In this sale you can get it for even less, with a queen only $158 and even a king size coming in under $200, at just $188.

There are plenty of other massive savings to shop in the 4th of July mattress sales, but I think you'll struggle to find a better budget deal than this. Read on to discover why the Linenspa is my top affordable mattress pick...

Linenspa Dreamer 8" Hybrid Mattress

Linenspa Dreamer 8" Hybrid Mattress
from $152.99
from $88
up to $144.99 at Walmart

Summary: If you want a hybrid bed on a budget, you won't get much better than the Linenspa Dreamer. In our Linenspa Memory Foam Hybrid Mattress review our testing panel found that while this bed might be "simple", it's a good match for "lightweight stomach sleepers and growing children". 

As a thinner hybrid, the Linenspa won't offer the support bigger bodies and bed sharers need – at least, in the long-term. In a guest room, the Linenspa will be comfortable for overnight visitors, with the combination of memory foam and springs providing decent pressure relief. But this is a bed best suited for children, growing teens, and adults with a lighter build who don't require plush support. 

Price history: The Linenspa is always one of the best cheap mattresses, and with this sale you can pick up a queen and even a king size for less than $200. Shopping from a third-party retailer (in this case, Walmart) does mean sacrificing some benefits, but when the price is this good it's often worth taking a hit on the extras. A queen is now only $158 (was $280), and if you're buying a bed for a child, a twin is just $88 (was $152). You won't get a trial period – the 90-day return offer only covers beds still in the packaging – but you do get a 10-year manufacturer's warranty. 

Benefits: 10-year warranty

Is 8 inches thick enough for a mattress?

While 8 inches is on the thinner side of our recommend mattress thickness, beds with this depth can still be supportive for adults and growing children. If you are buying a bed with a thinner build, the interior materials should be good quality, to make up for the lack of plush depth.

The 8-inch Linenspa is too thin for those with bigger bodies (the best mattresses for heavy people have stronger support), and average sized side sleepers are likely to need more cushioning. For more information, check out our guide to sleeping on an 8-inch mattress.

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