How to Turn on High-Contrast Mode in Android 5.0

Google’s new Material design philosophy may be beautiful, but sometimes putting dark gray icons on a light gray background can lead to some interface confusion. But there’s a cure. In Android 5.0 Lollipop, Google has implemented two methods to make navigating its mobile OS clearer. The first is a high contrast text mode that replaces things like the dark green text with black.

The other is a color inversion mode that makes black white, and reverses every other color. Combined with a dark background, it can make using your devices at night or in direct sun a little more readable. Both options are found under the accessibility tab in the settings menu. To get there from the home screen:

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1. Open the Settings Menu.

2. Tap Accessibility.

3a. Check the box next to High Contrast Text to turn it on.


3b. Tap the slider for Color Inversion.

Both settings work well to make the already good Android 5.0 UI easir to read, and hopefully Google will continue to iterate with improvements in the future.

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