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How to connect your Samsung smart TV to Alexa

Connect Samsung TV to Alexa - Samsung smart TV home screen
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If you've got an older Samsung smart TV from 2019 or 2018, but want to add an Amazon Alexa smart speaker to get some Alexa-powered voice control on your Samsung smart TV, connecting the TV to a smart speaker isn't hard! With just a couple of apps, you can set up your Amazon Echo or similar Alexa-powered device to offer some voice-activated goodness on your Samsung smart TV now.

If you've got a 2020 Samsung TV model, like the one seen in our Samsung Q60t QLED TV review, you're in even more luck, because current Samsung smart TVs have Amazon Alexa built in! Not only can you use voice control through a paired smart speaker, you can also use the microphone in the remote control for all of the same Alexa skills and voice interactions.

The 2018 models shown here have only bare bones voice control options, though Samsung's 2019 models are more voice-friendly. And if you want more advanced controls, you'll need to use the Bixby voice assistant built into the TV, using the microphone on the TV remote control.

If you want to add Alexa capability to your Samsung smart TV, here's how to make it work:

How to connect your Samsung smart TV to Alexa

Step 1: Set up your devices.

First, make sure that both your Samsung TV and your Amazon Alexa device are set up and functioning. Once you complete the initial setup on the TV and the Alexa device, you'll need to make sure that both devices are on the same Wi-Fi network.

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If you haven't yet, you'll also need to set up the TV as a Thing (smart device) in the SmartThings app. To do this, simply sign in to your Samsung account on the TV.

Step 2: Prepare the apps.

You'll also need to get your phone ready to coordinate these two devices. If you haven't yet, download both the Samsung SmartThings app (available for iOS and Android) and the Amazon Alexa app (also for iOS or Android).

And if you're unsure of how to use Amazon's voice assistant app, check out our guides for using Alexa on your Android phone or using Alexa on your iPhone.

Connect Samsung TV to Alexa - Samsung SmartThings and Amazon Alexa apps

Make sure that you log in to both apps with the same account information you used for your TV's Samsung account and your Echo's Amazon account.

Step 3: Discover your TV in the SmartThings app.

First, you'll need to discover your Samsung TV in the Samsung SmartThings app, which lets you treat it as a basic connected smart device when connecting it to your Alexa speaker.

Connect Samsung TV to Alexa - Samsung SmartThings app device discovery

To do this, go to the Devices menu, found on the bottom menu of the app.

On the Devices page, select the Add Device option. With the TV powered on, it should be easy to find your device in the list.

Connect Samsung TV to Alexa - Samsung SmartThings app

Once you've found the device and paired your phone to the TV, select the Samsung Smart TV and use the toggle button next to its name to enable its use as a smart device.

Step 4: Discover your smart speaker in the Alexa app.

Second, you'll need to be sure that your Amazon Echo, Echo Dot or other Amazon device has been discovered in the Amazon Alexa app. If it hasn't, or if the device is set up through someone else's phone, you'll need to do the following. (If this doesn't apply to you, move on to the next step.)

In the app, select the Devices button from the menu at the bottom of the home screen.

Connect Samsung TV to Alexa - Amazon Alexa app device menu

If the Echo (or similar Alexa device) shows up in this menu, then you're all set. If not, open the All Devices menu option and find your Alexa device on the list of available connected devices.

Step 5: Connect the apps.

In the Amazon Alexa app, enable the Samsung SmartThings skill, and sign in with your Samsung account to link the accounts.

Step 6: Select your TV in the Alexa app.

Connect Samsung TV to Alexa - Amazon Alexa app device menu

Once you've enabled the Samsung SmartThings skill — which should automatically pair Alexa to the TV — you can use Alexa to power your TV on and off with your voice. Congratulations, you just connected your your Samsung smart TV to Alexa!

For more Alexa-related tips, tricks and how-tos, check out our complete guide to Alexa.

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    A few questions on your article from 9 days ago: "How to connect Alexa to your Samsung Smart TV"
    Are you saying that I should use the SmartThings app to best control my Samsung TV from Alexa?
    Would I need to buy the SmartThings Hub to do it this way or just their app?
    Right now, I basically control our old Samsung TV through Alexa via the FireCube - if I follow your instructions to do it with the SmartThings app, will that just add another way to control the TV or will it wipe out the present voice commands that now control my Samsung TV in Alexa?
    I don't want to have SmartThings take over my whole Alexa setup right now because they are in a midst of a big transition which I am waiting out before getting their Hub - If I follow your instructions, will the SmartThings app take over control of all my Routines, etc. in Alexa or just control of the TV set?