Avengers OnePlus 6 Looks Stunning in Official Images


Following a tease awhile back, OnePlus has unveiled the Avengers: Infinity War edition of the OnePlus 6. As far as an Avengers-themed phone goes, it's actually pretty classy.

It has a kevlar back with the Avengers logo in gold, with a matching OnePlus logo and mute switch. Otherwise, it's the same awesome design we loved in our hands-on.

Credit: OnePlusCredit: OnePlus

If you prefer something a little less subdued, it also comes with a black case with Iron Man's helmet on it (I suppose, if you want to be pedantic, that in that color it could be War Machine, but we know who they put in the marketing).

Credit: OnePlusCredit: OnePlus

Is this thing coming to America? Probably not. It's on OnePlus' Chinese website, and its Indian arm has talked about it, so it will likely launch in those regions. It's unlikely that you'll be able to snap your fingers like Thanos and use the reality stone to make it come state-side.

In China, the phone will come with 8GB of RAM and 256GB of storage 4,199 yuan (about $659 USD as of this writing). In the U.S. the normal version of the phone will run you $529.

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