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Here's Your First Look at the iPhone 7s

With so much hype surrounding the iPhone 8, it's easy to forget that Apple may be launching two other phones this fall: the iPhone 7s and 7s Plus. And while the "s" models typically represent half-step upgrades, the iPhone 7s could introduce something big.

Image: Sonny Dickson/9to5Mac

Image: Sonny Dickson/9to5Mac

According to photos from Apple leaker Sonny Dickson published to 9to5Mac, the iPhone 7s may feature a glass body. Aside from looking slick, this new construction could allow for wireless charging, a feature that's been rumored to hit Apple's next iPhones for quite a while now. Based on these photos, the edges are still slim, and there's still no headphone jack.

The iPhone 7s and 7s Plus are otherwise expected to be pretty similar to last year's models, with beefed-up A11 processors and a possible starting storage bump to 64GB.

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If you're hoping for a more radical redesign, you might want to hold off for the iPhone 8. Apple's next flagship is expected to tout an OLED display, improved dual-lens cameras and a borderless display. The iPhone 8 is also expected to feature a special sensor for scanning your face to unlock the device.

All three phones are expected to arrive this fall, though some rumors point to the iPhone 7 and 7s Plus hitting in September with the iPhone 8 to follow in October. We're only weeks away from what should be a huge iPhone reveal event from Apple, so stay tuned for more news as September approaches.