Best iPhone 15 Plus cases in 2024

Best iPhone 15 Plus Cases
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The best iPhone 15 Plus cases will provide literal cover for your new phone in case it slips from your hand and onto something sharp or hard. And if the worst happens, it's an easier job replacing the case than fixing or buying a new phone.

One one side, the iPhone 15 Plus has a beautiful 6.7-inch OLED Super Retina XDR Display. On the other, there's a much-improved camera setup, led by the new 48MP main shooter. Not only does it take more detailed shots than the iPhone 14 Plus, you can simulate a 2x zoom with that camera that doesn’t result in the usual fuzz and noise of digital zooms.

Those are capabilities worth keeping in top shape. And while an iPhone 15 Plus may boast an IP68 rating for water and dust resistance, that thin-and-light aluminum chassis can slip right out of your hand when you’re on the move. That’s where an iPhone 15 Plus case can come.

Not sure which case is best for your lifestyle? Don’t worry — from the ultra-rugged to the ultra-stylish, here are the best iPhone 15 Pro cases to consider for your new phone.

The best iPhone 15 Plus cases right now

What to look for in the best iPhone 15 Plus cases

First things first: when selecting the best iPhone 15 Plus case to fit your lifestyle, make sure the case you buy is actually made for the iPhone 15 Plus. A variety of case makers offer versions for multiple iPhone models including the iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Pro, iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Pro, and iPhone 15 Pro Max. The specs for all six of these iPhones are strikingly similar at first glance, but if you accidentally buy the wrong case, you’ll simply have to send it back — leaving your new iPhone unprotected for that much longer. 

If you do have a different iPhone 15 model, consider these case round-ups instead:

Here are a few other factors to consider for your next iPhone case:

Build materials and drop protection: Whether it’s made out of silicone, aluminum, polycarbonate or rubber, look for a good drop rating to keep your iPhone 15 Plus protected. Some iPhone 15 Plus cases are only meant to withstand drops of a few feet high, while more hardcore competitors have a MIL-STD-810G-tested rating of 20 feet or more. In general, a case that offers multiple layers generally delivers more protection overall. (For example, our top rugged pick uses DuPont Kevlar to help safeguard your iPhone 15 Plus from tedious tumbles.)

Color/design options: Some phone cases only offer one or two color choices — usually some variation of gray or black. Fashion-forward options add blended colors, textured designs, artsy skins, and built-in keychain or lanyard attachments. If you want your iPhone 15 Plus to reflect the inner you, a customizable case might just fill the bill. That said, if you prefer Apple’s design to be front and center, you may want to consider cases that offer a clear option.

Environmental impact: Smartphone makers are continuing to emphasize the sustainability angle of their devices, and case makers are following suit. Look for iPhone 15 Plus cases with various green initiatives that use recycled plastics and other bio-friendly materials.

How we pick the best iPhone 15 Pro cases

We base our initial best iPhone 15 Plus case rankings using word-of-mouth and customer reviews, along with our own comprehensive research. In some instances, we may call in cases for additional hands-on testing. 

When evaluating each phone case, we consider color/design choices, overall protection and special features, leveraged against each individual price point. Because phone cases are such a personal choice, we also strive to include a variety of styles and brands to fit different tastes and budgets.

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