What to watch in March 2023: 15 new shows and movies streaming on Netflix, HBO Max, Disney Plus and more

(L to R) Jason Sudeikis as Ted Lasso, Brendan Hunt as Coach Beard and Brett Goldstein as Roy Kent in the trailer for Ted Lasso
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Spring is almost here and there's a bountiful crop of new shows and movies to watch in March 2023. A shower of new releases will be streaming on Netflix, HBO Max, Disney Plus and other streaming services.

Some of the most popular shows on television are back. The highly-anticipated and long-awaited titles include The Mandalorian season 3 and Ted Lasso season 3. Also returning are Succession season 4, the final chapter of the Roy family dramedy, and the thriller Yellowjackets season 2. 

On the movies side, Tetris is not so much a video game adaptation, but a chronicle of how the iconic blockbuster was made — and sold. Here’s our guide on what to watch in March 2023.

The Mandalorian season 3 (Disney Plus)

My Mando's back and he's better than ever with the Darksaber! Yes, folks, Din Djarin (Pedro Pascal) and Baby Yoda/Grogu are returning to Disney Plus. And while it feels like forever since Luke saved them both at the end of season 2, you'll probably want to make sure you're caught up by reading from The Book of Boba Fett, which was basically Mando season 2.5.

Now free from Moff Gideon (Giancarlo Esposito's still out there, though), Din Djarin is returning to Mandalore to seek forgiveness for breaking his people's core tenants by removing his helmet. Meanwhile, Grogu's Jedi training is on pause, and a larger threat looms ominously while Bo-Katan Kryze (Katee Sackhoff) wants that Darksaber. - Henry T. Casey

How to watch The Mandalorian season 3 (Premieres March 1 on Disney Plus)

Daisy Jones and the Six (Prime Video)

A successful rock band in the 1970s is torn apart because of rocky relationships between some of its members? No, this is not a biopic of Fleetwood Mac, though author Taylor Jenkins Reid certainly took a page from their story for her novel. 

Adapted into a limited series, Daisy Jones and the Six follows the rise and epic fall of an iconic band fronted by charismatic lead singers Daisy Jones (Riley Keough) and Billy Dunne (Sam Claflin). At the height of their fame and after a sold-out show in Chicago, the band disbands. Decades later, they finally reveal the truth about what really happened. - Kelly Woo

Premieres March 3 on Prime Video

Chris Rock: Selective Outrage (Netflix)

We don't often cover the world of standup comedy on Netflix, but this special will probably hit different. No, we're not talking about The Slap (though we bet Rock will): Chris Rock's Netflix special is the streaming service's first live event! Yes, Netflix — which has only offered on-demand content in the past — is realizing all the best streaming services have taken a page out of linear TV with live programming.

The event, Rock's second Netflix comedy show, starts at 10 p.m. ET on March 4. In addition, Netflix will offer pre- and post-shows, featuring Ronnie Chieng, Leslie Jones, Deon Cole, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, JB Smoove and Arsenio Hall. – HTC

How to watch Chris Rock: Selective Outrage on Netflix

History of the World, Part II (Hulu)

These days, sequels drop as fast as studios crank them out, so younger audiences are excused if they wonder when they missed History of the World, Part I during the aughts and 2010s. This sequel actually follows up on Mel Brooks' 1981 film, which was never meant to have a sequel. But Brooks is back (because streaming services need content), and he's putting his signature twists on history-telling with a new band of funny folks, including Ike Barinholtz, Wanda Sykes and Nick Kroll.

A four-night event, with episodes dropping nightly from Monday, March 6 through Thursday, March 9, HotWII is stacked when it comes to cast members. A definite who's who of funny folks, the episodes will feature appearances from Pamela Adlon, Zazie Beetz, Quinta Brunson, Danny DeVito, David Duchovny, Josh Gad, Richard Kind, Johnny Knoxville, Sam Richardson, Seth Rogen, Sarah Silverman, David Wain, Reggie Watts, and Tyler James Williams — among others. And we already know some roles, like Taika Waititi as Sigmund Freud, Jake Johnson as Marco Polo and Hannah Einbinder as Amelia Earhart. – HTC

Premieres March 6 on Hulu

Perry Mason season 2 (HBO)

Now that the show is under new management (The Knick’s Michael Begler and Jack Amiel), Perry Mason is moving fully into the law world. Haunted by his past, the hard-drinking former private investigator is sticking to standard legal work that’s boring but pays the bills.

But soon enough, Perry becomes embroiled in the murder case of the son of a high-profile oil tycoon. The main suspects are Mexican-American Brothers (Fabrizio Guido and Peter Mendoza), though Perry believes racism and a larger conspiracy are at play. With the help of trusted assistant Della Street (Juliet Rylance) and cop-turned-PI Paul Drake (Chris Chalk), he starts digging into the truth, though powerful forces don’t want it uncovered. - KW

Premieres March 6 on HBO and HBO Max

You season 4 part 2 (Netflix) 

Oh, how the murderous tables have turned. Joe Goldberg (Penn Badgley) has been trying to be “good” and not kill anyone in his new life as literature professor Jonathan Moore. But it seems like he simply cannot escape his past or his predilections. 

The first half of You season 4 saw Joe dogged by a mysterious murderer, who was offing members of a wealthy social circle. The “Eat the Rich Killer” turned out to be the charming author and aspiring politician Rhys Montrose (Ed Speleers). Now, Joe has to figure out how to avoid being pinned for Rhys’ misdeeds, while protecting his new love interest Kate (Charlotte Ritchie). It won’t be easy when Rhys wants to bond over their crimes. Talk about a toxic bromance. - KW

Premieres March 9 on Netflix

UnPrisoned (Hulu)

Kerry Washington and Delroy Lindo depart from their usual dramas to star together in a heartwarming half-hour comedy. Paige Alexander is a perfectionist relationship therapist and single mom to a teen boy. Her life is turned upside down when her father Edwin gets out of prison and moves in with them.

Edwin sets about building a new life for himself after nearly two decades of incarceration, reconnecting with his daughter and bonding with his grandson Finn (Faly Rakotohavana). Meanwhile, Paige grapples with her father’s presence and the effects on her career and dating. - KW

Premieres March 10 on Hulu

Luther: The Fallen Sun (Netflix)

The fifth and final season of Luther aired in 2019, much to fans’ dismay. Fortunately, the brilliant but troubled detective played by Idris Elba returns in a film continuation. Last seen in handcuffs, the disgraced John Luther is now in prison for using illegal (though effective) means to catch criminals. 

He was put there by psychopathic cyber genius David Robey (Andy Serkis), who embarks on a killing spree with the aid of surveillance technology. Luther decides to break out of prison to capture him, by any means necessary. He’ll have to dodge an intelligence officer (Cynthia Erivo) tasked with hunting Luther down. - KW

Premieres March 10 on Netflix

Ted Lasso season 3 (Apple TV Plus)

We at Tom's Guide, believe that … Well, we believe that Ted Lasso season 3 will hit us all in the feels. Despite AFC Richmond advancing up to the Premier League at the end of the season, not all is well. While Ted (Jason Sudeikis) is still suffering through anxiety on the field as he coaches, everything everywhere is still going wrong. 

Richmond apparently are taking their fair share of losses in the big league, Nate (Nick Mohammad) has turned traitor to side with Rupert Mannion (Anthony Head) and the love triangle with Roy (Brett Goldstein), Keeley (Juno Temple) and Jamie (Phil Dunster) is still ongoing. Likely the final act of the Ted Lasso series (though spinoffs seem possible), expect tears and smiles as we head back to Nelson Road Stadium. - HTC

Premieres March 15 on Apple TV Plus

Shadow and Bone season 2 (Netflix) 

The fantasy series based on Leigh Bardugo’s books is finally back after two years. Fans have long anticipated returning to the Grishaverse. When Shadow and Bone season 2 picks up, Alina Starkov (Jessie Mei Li) and best friend Mal (Archie Renaux) are still on the run from the Darkling, General Kirigan (Ben Barnes). 

As the Sun Summoner, Alina can eliminate the Shadow Fold, the dangerous expanse of darkness that divides their kingdom. But Kirigan has gained more power and is a bigger threat than ever. To defeat him, Alina and Mal must journey to new lands to find allies who can help them. - KW

Premieres March 16 on Netflix

Lucky Hank (AMC) 

Better Call Saul left a big hole in the television landscape (and our hearts) when it ended last year, but perhaps Bob Odenkirk’s new dramedy will prove to be a worthy consolation. Based on Richard Russo’s novel Straight Man, the story centers on William Henry “Hank” Devereaux Jr. (Odenkirk), chairman of the English department at the fictional Railton College. 

Grumpy, self-proclaimed “difficult” Hank is undergoing something of a mid-life crisis. He keeps finding himself involved in irritating situations, from an encounter with an aggressive goose to a public call-out for belittling students. Meanwhile, his wife (Mireille Enos) wants to move — with or without him. - KW

Premieres March 19 on AMC (via Sling or Fubo)

Great Expectations (FX on Hulu) 

Charles Dickens’ classic novel is adapted for the screen once again, this time by Peaky Blinders creator Steven Knight. The coming-of-age tale follows Pip (Fionn Whitehead), a poor orphan who yearns for a better life. When he is chosen to visit the eccentric, wealthy spinster Miss Havisham (Olivia Colman), he meets and falls for her beautiful but cold adopted daughter Estella (Shalom Brune-Franklin). 

Wanting to become a gentleman to win Estella over, Pip is elated when he receives money from a mysterious benefactor. But his good fortune doesn’t last for long, when the truth about his inheritance comes out. - KW

Premieres March 26 on Hulu

Succession season 4 (HBO) 

Just like Ted Lasso is more or less ending its main story this year, Succession season 4 will be the last ride for the Roys. And this final batch is perfectly set up. While each previous season saw the sibs look to rise to power on their own, Kendall (Jeremy Strong), Shiv (Sarah Snook) and Roman (Kieran Culkin) are now seemingly forming a united front against dear old dad Logan (Brian Cox), who has formed an alliance with son-in-law Tom (Matthew Macfayden). 

The Succession season 4 teaser trailer is mostly focused on how Logan and his children are fractious and stubborn, but it also shows how Tom is worried about what will happen to his standing with Logan if he and Shiv split. - HTC

Premieres March 26 on HBO and HBO Max

Yellowjackets season 2 (Showtime)

One of the buzziest shows of the past year returns with its addictive blend of mystery box thriller, survival drama and coming-of-age tale. The first season generated an endless cascade of theories about what really went down in the ‘90s timeline when the high school girls soccer team becomes stranded in the wilderness after a plane crash. It sure seems like they become ritualistic cannibals! 

Meanwhile, the present day timeline is an absorbing exploration of the survivors’ psyches, featuring dynamite performances from Melanie Lynskey, Christina Ricci and Juliette Lewis. The addition of Lauren Ambrose as adult Van is beyond perfect. Oh, and we can’t wait to hear the needle drops. - KW

Premieres March 26 on Showtime

Tetris (Apple TV Plus)

While most video game shows (The Last of Us) and movies (Uncharted) are direct adaptations, incoming Apple TV Plus film Tetris is all about how the iconic block-busting game was made. Taron Egerton stars as game publisher Henk Rogers, who risked it all to sign a deal for Tetris and has spoken to how the film will have a tone similar to that of The Social Network. 

Of course, Rogers faces an uphill fight to convince people about the brilliantly addictive nature of Tetris. Not only does he travel to the Soviet Union to make the deal, but he also has to somehow find a way to bridge the language divide while the government is spying on his activity. Filled with nostalgia and drama, Tetris looks like the best movie you didn't know you needed.  – HTC

Premieres March 31 on Apple TV Plus

Other notable premieres to watch in March 2023

  • Survivor season 44 (March 1, CBS)
  • True Lies (March 1, Fox) 
  • Top Chef season 20 (March 9, Bravo)
  • Gotham Knights (March 14, The CW)
  • Boston Strangler (March 17, Hulu) 
  • Extrapolations (March 17, Apple TV Plus)
  • Power Book II: Ghost season 3 (March 17, Starz)
  • Sanditon season 3 (March 19, PBS)
  • Love Is Blind season 4 (March 24, Netflix)
  • Riverdale season 7 (March 29, The CW)
  • Murder Mystery 2 (March 31, Netflix)
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