The 12 weirdest gadgets of CES 2020

(Image credit: Prinker)

We saw a slew of cutting-edge technology at CES 2020. Alienware’s Concept UFO, OnePlus’s Concept One and Impossible Pork are just a few of the best products unveiled at this year’s show. But of the thousands of smart home gadgets, robotic mechanisms, computers and sex toys on display, some tech proved... weirder than others. 

From toilet-paper-fetching robots to a superpowered cyborg suit, these are the weirdest and wackiest gadgets we had the honor of discovering during CES 2020.

Charmin RollBot

(Image credit: Charmin)

Charmin’s RollBot never wants you to struggle for more toilet paper when none is within arm's reach. Controlled via Bluetooth, this vehicle for your TP makes it easier to get a fresh roll once you've run out. You essentially beckon it to your throne at your most desperate times of need. There’s no word on when this bizarre little bot will roll into stores, but cheers to a finally seeing device dedicated to unexpected nature calls. Said no one ever.

Samsung Bot Chef

(Image credit: Future)

Imagine having an extra pair of hands in the kitchen. Except they’re attached to a set of robot arms stationed beneath a kitchen cabinet. As weird as such an assistant might look, Samsung's chopping and coffee-making Bot Chef could very well be a glimpse into our future robot-assisted kitchens. Samsung didn’t announce price or availability, but we’re guessing If you can afford the Bot Chef, you'd probably be able to afford a real one.


(Image credit: FasTeesH)

Two-minute teeth cleaning is such a drag, amirite? FasTeesH’s Y-Brush wants to save you time with its wacky sonic toothbrush that promises a full polish in just 10 seconds. That’s because the mouthguard-looking gadget’s 96 bristle clusters can clean half your mouth at once. Y-Brush is one of few CES products you’re already able to buy, but we’d definitely consult with a dentist before investing in this $125 system.


(Image credit: Modobag)

If you regularly find yourself late for flights and running through the airport, Modobag might be your new best friend. When flipped on its side, the motorized suitcase transforms into a speedy mini-scooter. We think squatting a foot off the floor makes the rider look ridiculous, but CES-goers loved taking it for a spin on the show floor. They probably didn’t like the $1,495 price as much.

Samsung Ballie

(Image credit: Samsung)

Samsung seems to think we’re ready for an AI croquet ball to pester us around the home. It says Ballie the robot is able to know you, support you and take care of you, which isn’t at all creepy. Ballie can also control your connected smart home devices, remind you to exercise and offer companionship. Again, definitely not creepy. It’s unclear what more Samsung has planned for Ballie, including what one will cost and when it will be available.

Prinker S

(Image credit: Prinker)

The Prinker S temporary tattoo printer is perfect for people who want quick ink without the commitment. The handheld gadget’s FDA-compliant cosmetic ink lasts 1-3 days and washes off with soap. Using the Prinker companion app, you can choose from preloaded designs or create your own. Pass the applicator over your skin and voila: you’re tatted. Prinker S costs $269 and is listed on Amazon.

Atmos Facewear

(Image credit: Atmos)

Atmos Facewear is a ridiculous looking facemask that feeds clean air into your mouth and nose. Though the clear contraption doesn’t seal to your face, the company says its one way outflow prevents polluted, outside air from being inhaled. We fear a future where Atmos is required, both because of its distracting design and intended purpose.

Segway S-Pod

(Image credit: Tom's Guide)

Segway showed up to CES this year with the wildest wheelchair we’ve ever seen. The S-Pod self-balancing vehicle looks like it came straight out of Wall-E. It travels up to 24 miles per hour and is designed for enclosed spaces like airports and malls. We went hands on with S-Pod and thought it was an absolute thrill to ride. Unfortunately, we don't have a price or release date, but this definitely won't be cheap.

Samsung Selfie Type

(Image credit: Samsung)

Samsung’s Selfie Type turns any surface into a smartphone keyboard. Using the Galaxy’s selfie camera plus AI to track your hands, Selfie Type lets you tap on an invisible, full size keyboard as if a real one were there. It sounded like a gimmick at first, but at CES it seemed the tech actually works. We don't expect to see this pop up in the next Samsung phone, but there’s no reason to think it’s far off.

Kohler Moxie

(Image credit: Kohler)

At last year’s CES, Kohler’s Alexa-enabled toilet swept the title for weirdest tech. This year the company returned with Moxie, the smart speaker shower head. And while it’s not quite as captivating as a talking throne, Moxie makes a capable shower DJ. That is, if you’re comfortable having microphones in the stall with you. Can we collectively agree that not everything needs to have Alexa?

Guardian XO Exoskeleton

Guardian XO exoskeleton

(Image credit: Future)

Let us stipulate that Guardian XO exoskeleton from Sarcos is both practical and cool. Strapping on a full body suit that lets you lift 200 pounds like you were a circus strongman? Sign us up for that. But let us also stipulate that if put on that exoskeleton, people are going to think you’re cos-playing as Cyborg from the Justice League. Well, let’s just see if they keep saying such rude things when you’re using your robot arms to fling those pathetic meat sacks in the air like you’d toss a pizza pie.

Origin Big O

(Image credit: Tom's Guide)

The Origin Big O is so wacky that it actually started as a joke -- Origin simply wanted to prove that it could cram a PS4, an Xbox One and a Nintendo Switch into a gaming PC and show it off to the world. But customers demanded that it became a real thing, and Origin delivered. The consumer version of the Big O is a bit more practical (you get either an Xbox One or PS4 built into your PC for $2,500), but it’s still delightfully ridiculous. Still, despite how over-the-top the Big O is in, it actually provides some practical benefits for gamers who stream from their console or simply want to save space in their gaming nook.

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