A toilet paper robot just rolled into CES 2020: Have we run out of ideas?

(Image credit: Charmin)

There's nothing more unnerving than the moment when you hit the end of a roll of toilet paper and still need another square or few — and none are within arm's reach. At CES 2020, though, Charmin is showing off a new robot to help solve one of life's most private and universal problems.   

Meet RollBot (one of the inventions from Charmin's GoLab) a small rolling robot with a face and a slot to carry your toilet paper. Controlled via Bluetooth, this Segway for your TP aims to make it easier to get a new roll once you've run out.

If you're like me, you're both rolling your eyes... and asking when the RollBot will be available. Unfortunately, Charmin's not giving us any ETA or promise that it will bring the thunder to your bathroom. 

At the same time, I feel like any fully physically-capable individual who buys a RollBot deserves all of the side-eye that their relatives and loved ones can provide. Nobody's perfect when it comes to bathroom planning, but to buy a robot just for when you're not properly prepared for when nature calls? That seems excessive. 


(Image credit: Charmin)

But wait, there's more. SmellSense, arguably the least necessary of these "inventions," is an odor sensor for your bathroom. A hype video for this smart home device touts a Digital Nose Sensor that will "detect bad smells," and deliver messages such as "WAIT IT OUT" when your bathroom smells especially foul.

Unfortunately, this sensor is only hyped for these panels ... which seem a bit much to install around the house. Imagine being ready to signal to all your guests that your bathroom is stinky so frequently that you need an alarm system. An app for your phone could be a better place to check, so you know before you bring anyone home. Especially if the SmellSense could light a frickin match. 


(Image credit: Charmin)

Lastly, Charmin's got a booth called V.I.PEE, which will probably show up at Coachella 2020 — if anywhere. Yes, if the music or sporting event you're attending isn't loud enough, the speakers and VR headset in this luxury-end porta-potty will help you feel like you're back in the pit while you're taking a... well, this is the end of our time here.

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