CES 2020: The biggest news and products from tech's hottest show

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CES 2020 is coming to a close, but we're still getting our hands on tons of exciting gadgets, from magical contact-less wireless chargers to a VR suit that lets you feel sound with your body. And that's just scratching the surface. 

This year's CES has been one for the books in terms of exciting innovation, from the stunning flagship phone of the future in the OnePlus Concept One, to Lenovo's bonkers foldable PC, to the coolest rideable ever in Segway's S-Pod.

That's not to mention Alienware's new Concept UFO: a Switch-like gaming PC that could be the ultimate portable console if it ever sees a commercial release, or a mind-blowing self-driving LG car that recognizes your face and throws you your own personal party. And you haven't lived until you've tried on exoskeleton that lets you lift heavy weights like you're picking up a piece of paper.

We'll be compiling all of the biggest news and reveals of CES 2020 right here, so be sure to bookmark this page and check back often for a taste of the most exciting gadgets to come. 

Top 10 CES Stories right now

The single coolest thing at CES just might be Delta's Parallel Reality, which lets up to 100 people see their own personalized message while staring at the same screen. It's pure magic, and could make finding your destination just a bit easier when it eventually rolls out to Delta airport gates.

LG completely blew our minds with its connected self-driving 2030 concept car, which can recognize your face, serve you drinks and deliver personalized entertainment via a private speaker system and dynamic OLED screen. Not to be outdone, Sony also showed up in the automotive scene, debuting its first electric car in the Vision S. We also got to ride in BMW's Urban Suite, a large vehicle meant to let you sprawl out and relax during long autonomous trips, as well as Segway's S-Pod, a self-balancing personal vehicle meant to let you easily scoot around malls and campuses.

Alienware has stolen the show with the Concept UFO: a portable gaming PC that combines the versatility of the Nintendo Switch with the guts of a powerful gaming rig. Still no word on whether it'll come to market, but we sure hope it does so that we can enjoy some Cyberpunk 2077 on the go. 

Alienware Concept UFO

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On the TV front, Samsung wowed with the Q950TS: a massive 8K OLED TV that has virtually no bezels and a ton of neat AI smarts inside for optimal picture quality. We also saw Samsung's rotating Sero TV, which can be positioned vertically to become a massive 43-inch display for watching social video in the living room.

CES may not have the biggest phone news in the world, but we've already seen We both the Galaxy Note 10 Lite and Galaxy S10 Lite, which look to retain most of the flagship level features of their most expensive brethren within more affordable plastic designs. A concept phone from OnePlus, though, may have blown those other handsets away.

CES 2020 roundups

Want to see the best tech of CES 2020 at a glance? Here are our roundups of the best the show has to offer.


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Samsung has delivered big for CES 2020 with new smartphones, new TVs and even a taste of what's to come next month. We got our hands on the Galaxy Note 10 Lite and Galaxy S10 Lite, and even saw a massive 43-inch TV that can be positioned vertically. There's also the stunning $999 Galaxy Chromebook, which packs a beautiful 4K OLED display. As for the future, we got a glimpse of the company's augmented-reality glasses and a new robot companion in Samsung's Monday night keynote.

Here are the highlights so far.


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Sony showed up big for CES 2020, surprising the entire audience when it revealed its Vision S electric car prototype. This vehicle has 33 sensors for autonomous driving and hazard prevention, as well as a 360-degree Reality Audio feature that aims to make in-car entertainment more immersive. Our Sony Master Series Z8H hands-on review shows how massive TVs can still get sleeker and more stylish, and sound even better than before.

We also got our first look at the official PS5 logo (surprise, it looks like the PS4 logo), and learned more about Sony's latest developments in cameras, audio and 5G.


Lavie Pro Mobile in hand

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Lenovo is already coming out swinging at CES 2020, showing off one of the lightest laptops we've ever gotten our hands on as well as a plethora of promising gaming gear. The big highlight has been the ThinkPad X1 Fold, a totally bonkers foldable PC with a durable folding display packed into a slim and compact design. The company even launched its own external GPU dock in the form of the BoostStation, which will allow you to turn any laptop into a powerful gaming machine.

Here are Lenovo's big highlights so far.


Dell Concept Ori

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Dell made a big splash at CES 2020 with a trio of exciting concepts that hint at the future of computing. The Duet is a mesmerizing dual-screen laptop with two 13.4-inch displays, while the Ori is a foldable concept PC with a single flexible OLED display whose bottom half can morph into a touch keyboard. But most impressive of all might just be the Alienware Concept UFO, which is a portable Nintendo Switch-like device that can run PC games at fairly strong settings.


HP Elite Dragonfly G2

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HP is kicking off CES 2020 with a little bit of something for everyone, including upgraded versions of some of our favorite products as well as one of the most stunning all-in-ones we've ever seen. The HP Elite Dragonfly G2 brings 5G to one of the most stunning laptops around, while the new HP Spectre x360 15 has an even slimmer design and thinner bezels than the previous generation.

We're also psyched about the HP Envy 32 All-in-One: a stunning desktop PC with a beautiful 32-inch display and powerful Core i7 CPUs and optional Nvidia graphics.


LG Singnature OLED TV R

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Unsurprisingly,  LG had some big news on the TV front for CES 2020. The company's long-awaited rollable OLED TV is finally shipping in 2020 with a new processor for better picture and sound, while the new Gallery OLED TV looks like the ultimate TV for wall mounting thanks to its slim and elegant design.

LG also has tons of exciting appliances on display for CES, including a new Washer and Dryer that uses AI to detect clothing fabrics and a refrigerator that can create slow-melting Craft Ice. It's all tied together by LG's Proactive Customer Care service, which can do things like detect whether you've used too much laundry detergent and deliver notifications accordingly.

But its LG's plans for the future that really blew us away. We got to see the company's concept self-driving car for 2030, which can recognize your face, respond to gestures and deliver all kinds of personalized entertainment to keep you busy while an AI gets you to your destination.


origin big o

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CES 2020 has not disappointed on the gaming front. Alienware has certainly stolen the show with its Switch-like Concept UFO portable gaming PC, but we've also seen plenty of great innovations big and small. 

Origin PC revealed the Big O: a gaming PC that crams in your choice of a PS4 or Xbox One for the ultimate battlestation. Razer showed off its awesomely modular Tomahawk gaming PC, as well its Kishi controller that gives console quality controls to your smartphone.

AMD also had some big CPU and GPU announcements, including its powerful 3rd-Gen 4000 series for beastly thin laptops and its new Radeon 5600 GPUs that offer big power on a budget.

Smart home and food tech

We're already seeing a ton of great smart home gadgets at CES 2020, including a voice-controlled water faucet, a smart wine chiller, and a possible pork replacement from the people who brought you the Impossible Burger. Here are some highlights so far.

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The best of the rest

Quibi uses both landscape and portrait

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There's plenty of other tech that's been wowing us on the CES 2020 show floor, including exciting new headphones, streaming services, drones and more. Here are even more highlights you shouldn't miss.

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