Should you buy an Amazfit watch?

Amazfit GTR 3 Pro displaying weather
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Should you buy an Amazfit watch? The short answer is, yes, many of Amazfit’s smartwatches and fitness trackers are capable alternatives to better-known wearable brands. But not all Amazfit watches are built the same, plus the models range in price, so you’ll want to do some research before buying.

Tom’s Guide has tested a number of Amazfit devices, from the $79 Amazfit Bip to the $229 Amazfit GTR 3 Pro. We’ve even reviewed the Amazfit Band 5, a $39 fitness tracker with Amazon Alexa built-in.

Amazfit makes some of the best smartwatches and best fitness trackers, though the company’s devices usually sit lower on our rankings. That’s because compared to, say, the Apple Watch 7, Amazfit lacks a dedicated app store and the option to send messages from your wrist.

Instead, Amazfit watches prioritize health-tracking and a long battery life. The Amazfit T-Rex has an epic 20-day battery life, for example. Here’s everything else to consider when you buy an Amazfit watch.

Amazfit watches: Models and prices

Amazfit offers several product lines catering to different user needs and budgets. The flagship line is the GTS/GTR series, available in a ‘S’ squircle-shaped watch that looks like the best Apple Watch models and a more traditional ‘R’ round-faced watch. These models usually launch alongside the latest Amazfit features. Amazfit even offers a “Pro” version of the latest GTR series with a larger display and functional speakers. 

  • Amazfit GTS 2: $179
  • Amazfit GTR 2: $179
  • Amazfit GTS 2 Mini: $99
  • Amazfit GTR 2e: $139
  • Amazfit GTS 3: $179
  • Amazfit GTR 3: $179
  • Amazfit GTR 3 Pro: $229

Amazfit’s Bip line is behind many of the best cheap smartwatches, making the models soft on your wallet and a good choice for a first-time wearable. Though the Bip isn’t as full-featured as the GTS/GTR series, it functions as a basic fitness tracker with long-lasting battery life. There are a couple of variations, but all cost under $100.

  • Amazfit Bip U: $59
  • Amazfit Bip U Pro: $69
  • Amazfit Bip S: $69
  • Amazfit Bip S Lite: $49

Amazfit offers some of the best GPS watches and and best running watches, too. The T-Rex line is a limited selection of ultra-rugged watches designed for any kind of adventure. If you’ve taken up outdoor sports, or simply need something durable, you’ll get the most use of the T-Rex.

  • Amazfit T-Rex: $139
  • Amazfit T-Rex Pro: $179

Lastly, Amazfit makes one of the best cheap fitness trackers. The Amazfit Band 5 is a traditional-looking activity band with a bright, color display and 15-day battery life.

  • Amazfit Band 5: $39

Amazfit watches: Zepp Health fitness tracking

The saturated fitness- and health-tracking hardware market is dominated by the best Fitbit devices and best Garmin watches, as well as Apple and Samsung’s flagship smartwatches. Zepp, Amazfit’s companion app and wellness platform, manages to keep up.

With more than 150 workout types, Amazfit watches are prepared for practically any kind of exercise. They support presets ranging from traditional cardio machines and pool swimming to esports and stretching. Regular walking, running, indoor cycling and yoga come as presets on all Amazfit devices.

Zepp Health offers some unique incentives compared to other health-tracking platforms. The service uses a Personal Activity Intelligence (PAI) score, which might remind you of the Activity Zone Minutes tool found on the Fitbit Sense and Fitbit Charge 5. The goal is to earn and maintain at least 100 PAI points over a 7-day period, which isn’t difficult as long as you workout regularly. 

Beyond physical activity metrics, Amazfit watches offer SpO2, sleep, stress, menstrual cycle and even temperature tracking on the GTR 3 series. With most models, you can take on-demand readings whenever you want to see what’s going on with your body.

Note that you’ll need your smartphone’s Zepp Health app to review most of your metrics, though. The app stores data on everything from your stride length and calories burned to your training loads and weight. You can manually input your body measurements if you’re looking to track fitness goals as well. Apple and Samsung watches show more wellness data directly on your wrist. 

Amazfit watches: Smartwatch features

Amazfit’s general smartwatch features (a.k.a non-fitness tracking features) are a mixed bag. Several models offer Alexa on-board, letting you whisper Alexa commands into your wrist like James Bond. It grants you access to many of the best Alexa skills, such as getting a weather report or changing the settings of any of the best Alexa compatible devices. You’ll definitely want to know how to use Alexa with an Amazfit watch. 

We’ve had mixed experiences with mirrored notifications. In general, you can decide which phone notifications you want pushed to your wrist, plus whether you want to preview their contents. You can’t reply to messages, but as one of the best smartwatches for Android and iOS, the GTS/GTR series lets you answer calls, no matter your connected smartphone. Still, the Apple Watch is better catered for iPhone users, while the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 and all the best Samsung watches are better for Samsung phone users.

Similarly, Amazfit watches don’t have the app stores found in the watchOS and Wear OS software. You’re limited to Zepp-brand apps for productivity or music-listening. 

Amazfit watches: Battery life

Amazfit watches win big on battery life. If you rarely want to think about charging your smartwatch, then you should buy an Amazfit watch. The Amazfit Bip Lite is the best Amazfit watch for battery life overall, offering up to 45 days of continuous use. The Amazfit T-Rex Pro lasts up to 18 days, or 45 hours with active GPS use. The Amazfit Band 5 gets 15 days, while the Amazfit GTS/GTR 3 series gets 14 days.

Only certain Garmin watches designed for multi-day GPS can last as long an Amazfit watch. Fitbit devices max out at one week, while Apple and Samsung last no more than two days. 

Should you buy an Amazfit watch?

If you prioritize battery life and your budget, Amazfit watches are worthwhile purchases. Amazfit keeps up with the top wearable brands better than almost all other inexpensive smartwatches and fitness bands, specifically in health features.

That said, if you care more about general smartwatch features and don't mind frequent charging, there are better options than Amazfit watches. Be sure to check out our smartwatch buying guide to find the right device for you.

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