Serta unveils Arctic cooling mattress for hot sleepers — and it's selling out

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Serta has unveiled a new cooling mattress called the Serta Arctic, aimed at people who often wake up at night because they’re too hot to sleep. While this is a frustrating sleep issue for sure, just how cooling can a mattress really be? Serta, which makes some of the best mattresses in America, claims that its new Arctic range is designed with 15x better cooling power compared to its previous ranges such as the Serta Perfect Sleeper Luminous Sleep.

Cooling mattresses are usually made with layers of cooling gel or pods, or they'll adopt a hybrid (coil and foam) design to boost breathability and dissipate heat. The Serta Arctic (priced from $3,099) is powered by a cooling technology called Reactex that's designed to provide “all-night cooling relief”, according to Serta. Because it's new, we don't expect it to appear in the Serta mattress sale just yet.

The Reactex System comprises three layers of cooling tech that work to pull heat deep inside the mattress and away from your body. "Sleeping hot can happen to anyone," says Laura Brewick, Senior Vice President of Marketing for Serta. "If you are sleeping hot, it could be because your mattress is actually trapping heat around your body. The Serta Arctic sleep system does the opposite — pulling heat away from the body for a restful, uninterrupted night's sleep."

Serta Arctic Cooling Mattress | From $3,099 at Serta

Serta Arctic Cooling Mattress | From $3,099 at Serta
The Arctic is a 13.5-inch deep mattress designed to help you sleep cooler. It comes in both all-foam and hybrid models, and is available on a 120-night risk-free trial. If you wake up most nights because you're too warm, a cooling mattress like this could help, though there are cheaper alternatives.

Serta Arctic Cooling Mattress: Prices

The Serta Arctic is available in both hybrid and memory foam mattress models, and costs from $3,499 for a queen size. The Serta Arctic Foam is available in firm and plush varieties, and the Arctic Hybrid is available in plush and medium. 

Both versions are available on a 120-night risk free trial so you can test-drive the Arctic at home to see if it lives up to its promise of cooler sleep. We haven’t reviewed the Arctic yet, but we’re keen to put it to the test with our hot sleepers.

The Serta Arctic Mattress is covered by a 10-year warranty and is priced as follows:

  • Twin XL – from $3,099
  • Queen – from $3,499
  • King – from $4,199
  • Cal King – from $4,199

The Serta Arctic cooling mattress shown on a light brown wooden bed frame

Meet the Serta Arctic Plush cooling mattress (Image credit: Serta)

Surprised by those higher price tags? Serta isn’t alone in this type of pricing, but the Arctic is definitely one of the more expensive cooling mattresses. 

Casper Sleep launched its own cooling collection, the Casper Snow range, in April of this year. Without any Casper mattress sale offers lowering the cost, the Nova Hybrid Snow is priced $2,595 for a queen size, while the Casper Wave Hybrid Snow is priced $3,195. Another popular cooling mattress is the Eight Sleep Pod Pro Max Mattress, which offers Dual Zone Cooling and costs $3,595 for a queen size. 

For an extra $500 you can upgrade the Serta Arctic to a Premier version. The price of the Arctic Premier rises up to $4,699 for a Cal King size, but even that pales in comparison to the $5,699 price tag of a Cal King Tempur-Breeze. 

You can buy mattresses in a box that are designed with better airflow in mind, and they're normally much cheaper, but because they aren’t proper cooling mattresses we can’t compare them directly in terms of price.

Serta Arctic Cooling Mattress: Features and design

The basic Serta Arctic is a 13.5-inch deep mattress available in either plush or firm foam, or a medium or plush hybrid. The rockstar in the Serta Arctic features line-up is the Reactex System, which utilizes three layers of cooling tech (each, Serta says, is more powerful than the last) to pull heat deeper into the mattress. In theory, this means heat shouldn’t pool around your body, so you sleep cooler.

It also uses a high-density CustomFit HD Memory Foam for body contouring and cushioning to cradle you. The foam models also use a layer of EverCool Fuze Gel Foam, designed to increase airflow and dissipate heat. 

The Serta Arctic Hybrid models, meanwhile, contain a 1025 Hybrid Support System, made up of individually wrapped coils to conform to your body’s curves and provide pressure relief. Upgrade to the Arctic Premier Hybrid and you’ll also get a layer of Deep Reaction Max Gel Memory Foam for deeper support and body cushioning.

If heat and aches and pains are your biggest sleep issues, the Serta Arctic is definitely intriguing and we're keen to review it, but there’s no denying that hefty price tag. If you have a smaller budget and want a highly-rated breathable mattress for back pain, take a look at our Saatva Classic Mattress review - plus, you can save $200 on this popular model with the latest Saatva mattress sale.

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