Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 could bring a price drop for Galaxy S23 Plus

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Samsung could treat the Galaxy S23 Plus to a price decrease in some countries to avoid it undermining the upcoming Galaxy Z Flip 5, says Twitter tipster TheGalox.

This would be an unusual move for Samsung, who in the past hasn't been too bothered with selling phones at the same price. For example, look no further than the Galaxy S23 Plus and the Galaxy Z Flip 4, which both retail at $999 in the U.S. With no money to be saved by default, picking between these two phones therefore relies on whether you prioritize the newer chipset, telephoto camera and better battery life of the S23 Plus, or the foldable, dual-display design of the Z Flip 4. 

If the S23 Plus got cheaper, say by $100, it could be harder to turn down its extra hardware value in favor of the foldable's unique flexibility. Even a $50 discount could be enough to turn some would-be Z Flip buyers back to Samsung's more traditional flagship device. At the same time, it would better mark the Z Flip 5 as a flagship phone, even if it's a little light on hardware features.

A cheaper Galaxy S23 Plus would be a big deal

Dropping the Galaxy S23 Plus' price would have big knock-on effects too. It would mean there was a smaller gap between the standard, small Galaxy S23 and the Plus, perhaps encouraging some users to go for the larger version to take advantage of its bigger screen and battery. 

An S23 Plus price drop could also make it harder to justify splashing out on a Galaxy S23 Ultra, which sells for a considerable $1,200. The Ultra model's extra telephoto camera, built-in stylus and bigger display and battery are good to have, but it's hard to say if they're worth $250 or more compared to the well-rounded features of the S23 Plus.

Meanwhile, in comparison to other brands, the Galaxy S23 Plus could more convincingly take on the $900 Google Pixel 7 Pro if its price dropped, The S23 Plus would also possibly undercut the iPhone 14 Pro as well as the larger iPhone 14 Pro Max, giving the S23 Plus a greater edge over its biggest rivals.

This is something we'll have to wait for confirmation (or denial) of at Samsung's next Galaxy Unpacked event, recently confirmed as streaming live from South Korea on an unannounced day in late July. We'll be looking out for new rumored Galaxy Z Flip 5 features, such as a new chipset and a larger outer display too, as well as for other products like the Galaxy Z Fold 5 and the Galaxy Tab S9 series.

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