Samsung Galaxy S24 pre-order bonuses could include double storage and Galaxy Watch discounts

Phone Arena renders of the four rumored colors for the S24 Ultra
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It’s official, the Samsung Galaxy S24 launch event is happening on January 17 — and pre-registering your interest could save you $50 on the asking price. But what about the other pre-order bonuses? A new leak may have revealed some tantalizing offers.

According to a post from Landsk on South Korean blog Naver, Samsung could offer double storage at no extra cost as a pre-order bonus. That means anyone ordering one of the three devices ahead of release day will be able to enjoy a small discount. Though how much will all depend on how Samsung is pricing this year’s phones.

If we look at Samsung Galaxy S23 pricing, an upgrade from 128GB to 256GB would normally cost $60. Meanwhile a 1TB Galaxy S23 Ultra is actually $240 more than the 512GB — which is in turn $180 more than the 256GB. So the more you were expecting to pay, the greater your savings could be.

Landsk also claims that Samsung will be offering discounts on an unspecified Galaxy Watch, likely the Galaxy Watch 6, and the Galaxy Buds FE. While not quite as generous as a free smartwatch or pair of earbuds, it does mean you could potentially expand your repertoire of Galaxy products for a much lower price.

It’s claimed that this information comes from “a related company source”, but it’s unclear whether the deals will be available globally — or just in a few select markets. We’ll just have to wait and see whether any more details leak ahead of the Unpacked event, which is likely but not guaranteed. At the very least we’ll find out all the details at the event itself.

The Galaxy S24 launch event will take place on January 17 at 1 p.m. ET, and will no doubt be livestreamed over YouTube and Samsung’s social media channels. Heading over to the Samsung store or Shop Samsung App before January 16 also lets you pre-register your interest, and earn a $50 reserve credit ahead of pre-orders officially opening.

In the meantime you can stay up to date with all the latest news and rumors over in our Samsung Galaxy S24 and Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra hubs. 

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