Samsung Galaxy S24 could have these exotic new colors

Samsung Galaxy S24 in three of its four colors
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If various leaks are to be believed, the Samsung Galaxy S24 is less than a month away from being unveiled, with an event reportedly scheduled for January 17

While we’re expecting the usual array of humdrum black and white color schemes that you see on any big smartphone launch, it looks like the company has some more exotic shades if you want your handset to really stand out.

Shared via X (formerly Twitter), WinFuture’s Roland Quandt found a supplier purporting to sell replacement SIM card trays for the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S24 and S24 Plus. While such trays are similar between phones, the models listed are important, because the color on the exposed side reveals the handset’s overall hue. That’s the reason why it’s not listed as an S24 Ultra part, as the premium handset is expected to come in different shades.

For the S24 and S24 Plus, the vendor is selling seven colors at $1.80 each. As well as the usual black, white and gold shades, you can purchase one in a violet-like purple, and another in vibrant orange.

Bear in mind that some of these will be exclusives for those who buy directly from With the Galaxy S23 and S23 Plus, those were graphite and lime green.

While it’s possible that the vendor is guessing the shades of the S24 and providing SIM trays to match, notably the full list of colors included — black, orange, green, purple, blue, gold and white — cross over with leakers’ previous predictions

Back in October, Ross Young predicted black, gray, violet and yellow shades, with orange, light blue and light green available as online exclusives.

Not identical, but close — especially if you accept that one man’s “yellow” is another’s “gold” (with the same rule for white and gray.) Last month, Ice Universe echoed these in a post on X, too:

While most of the big upgrades appear to be headed to the Galaxy S24 Ultra, both the S24 and S24 Plus are set to get new chips and — more excitingly — a whole host of AI-based software improvements. Whether these will be game changing or a gimmick remains to be seen, but we’ll find in just a few short weeks.

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