Samsung Galaxy Fit 3 just leaked — what we know so far

A leaked image of the new Samsung Galaxy Fit 3 tracker.
(Image credit: WindowsReport)

The new Samsung Galaxy Fit 3 fitness tracker may be just around the corner. Leaked images of the alleged device, shared today by WindowsReport, reveal a fresh design for the series, with what looks like a seriously upgraded screen. Here’s what we know so far.

Galaxy Fit 3 — A long-awaited upgrade to the Fit 2

A leaked image of the new Samsung Galaxy Fit 3 tracker.

The new Galaxy Fit 3 may very well look like this.  (Image credit: WindowsReport)

It’s been three years since the Galaxy Fit 2 launched, which in the realm of consumer technology, is quite a while. While it's ancient history now, this budget-minded tracker offered some solid specs when it debuted, boasting a modest-sized 1.1-inch color AMOLED screen, 50 meters of water resistance and 15 days of battery life. 

Fitness tracking features, while also respectable in their time, are fairly rudimentary by 2023 standards. The device keeps tabs on heart rate, sleep, steps and not much else. This is all to say that there is much room for improvement in a successor device. So will the Galaxy Fit 3 rise to the occasion? 

Galaxy Fit 3 — what we know so far

A leaked image of the new Samsung Galaxy Fit 3 tracker.

There's no word yet on which sensors the new device will sport.  (Image credit: WindowsReport)

The screen is almost certainly larger than the itsy-bitsy 1.1-inch display of the Fit 2. It also appears to have quite a bit more horizontal real estate; we suspect Samsung will stick with an AMOLED panel. 

From the back, the Fit 3 looks pleasantly thin, which is always appreciated. We can also see what is likely a heart rate sensor and possibly a body temperature sensor and/or an infrared blood oxygen monitoring sensor (SpO2). 

No word on whether the device will sport built-in GPS, but given its apparent thinness and the price-conscious nature of the Fit line in general, it very well may not. Meanwhile, Samsung’s pricier wrist wearables, including the Galaxy Watch 6,  do offer onboard GPS.  

Galaxy Fit 3 — what we hope for

Beyond a built-in GPS and reasonable price tag, we’d love to see the Fit 3 up its fitness and health monitoring features. Onboard storage for music would be a nice touch, as would the option for cashless payments. One other upgrade we’d love to see is a switch to Google’s Wear OS. This would potentially unlock third-party app compatibility for things like Google Maps and more. 

Galaxy Fit 3 — price & launch date predictions

A leaked image of the new Samsung Galaxy Fit 3 tracker.

The case's thin design has us questioning whether or not there will be an onboard GPS.  (Image credit: WindowsReport)

Right now, all we can do is speculate about both (we'll update this article as soon as we know more). 

With that in mind, we’d expect the price to remain well below $200 to give the Samsung Galaxy Watch line some breathing room— the flagship Galaxy 6 is on sale for $270 at the moment. And the inclusion of a GPS (or not) will likely play a factor in its final cost.

In terms of the launch date, with the Samsung Galaxy S24 likely to arrive in January 2024, there's a chance that the Samsung Galaxy Fit 3 will also debut then. But this is by no means guaranteed. At this point, though, it seems unlikely will get our hands on the Fit 3 before the holidays. But stranger things have happened this time of year (like D’Angelo dropping his legendary record, Black Messiah on December 15, 2014). 

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