Samsung Galaxy S24 just tipped for January launch — what you need to know

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The Samsung Galaxy S23 may have been revealed on February 1 2023, but a bunch of rumors suggest this won’t be the case with the Samsung Galaxy S24. In fact, according to leaker Ice Universe on Weibo (via @Tech_Reve) it’s looking more likely that we’ll get a mid-January launch.

Ice Universe claims that the Galaxy S24 is now entering mass production, which means the phone could be ready for a “mid-to-late January” launch. That means the phone could arrive a little bit earlier than its predecessor, though it’s unclear whether this window is locked in just yet. 

According to sources speaking to SamMobile, “things could go either way”. But given the number of times we’ve heard about the possibility of a January Galaxy S24 launch, it’s looking even more likely with each passing rumor.

Originally rumors claimed that the Galaxy S24 would launch around a month earlier, which would have put the launch around the 1st January. That would have been an odd choice, given how close it is to both the holidays and CES 2024 — which kicks off in Las Vegas on January 9. The latter would no doubt steal away a lot of attention, right when Samsung needs people to start pre-ordering.

Later the rumors clarified this early launch as some time in mid-January, possibly around January 18. That’s almost a week after CES ends on January 12, and means there’s a little bit of breathing room between the biggest tech show of the year and the Galaxy S24’s launch.

After CES there’s usually a whole lot of nothing going on until Mobile World Congress at the end of February. Slotting a Galaxy Unpacked event during this period has always made sense, though Samsung has been rather inconsistent with the exact period. 

The Galaxy S23 launched on February 1 2023, while the Galaxy S22 arrived on February 9 2022. Before that the Galaxy S21 arrived on January 14 2021, while previous years saw Samsung unveil its phones in March.

So it’s never particularly easy to pin down when the new Galaxy S flagships will arrive — beyond it being fairly early in the year. We’ll just have to wait and see how things play out, but the odds of a January launch of some kind do seem to be getting better with each passing rumor. 

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