PS5 restock tips — how to make sure you beat the bots

PS5 restock
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One day buying a PS5 will be as simple as visiting the retailer of your choice and hitting the purchase button, but unfortunately, we’re still not there yet. Even nine months on from launch actually getting your hands on Sony’s next-gen machine is still a remarkably tricky task. 

Between retail websites that crash under the strain of thousands of customers trying to checkout at the same time and the persistent army of scalper bots out there hoovering up stock, it’s a frustrating time to be in the market for a new gaming console. 

Being proactive is the key takeaway when it comes to trying to get a PS5. That means being wise to the latest restocks before they happen and knowing how each retailer operates. This can be the difference between getting an order confirmation email and getting a “sorry, this product is out of stock” popup. 

We’re here to help which is why we have a regularly updated where to buy PS5 guide that contains the latest stock information as we get it, as well as this rundown of tips for each major retailer. 

Unfortunately, there is no foolproof method that will guarantee you a PS5 in the next wave of restocks but follow the advice down below and you’ll be able to tip the odds in your favour which may well be the difference-maker. 

Amazon PS5 restock 

Amazon is the biggest online retailer in the world, so unsurprisingly it has restocked the PS5 several time in quite significant quantities as well. 

Firstly, make sure you have an Amazon account set up with your address and payment information up to date. Actually getting stock in your basket is only half the battle and if you can’t speed through the checkout process then you’re chances of getting a PS5 are pretty much nil. 

Signing up to the retailer’s premium membership service, Amazon Prime, could also give you a leg up on the competition. The retailer's last two restocks have featured an early access window for Prime members. There's been no official comment on this development so whether it'll continue for future restocks is unknown. If you're desperate for a PS5 right now, it might be worth considering signing up. 

There's also an odd trick that can make getting a PS5 at Amazon much easier. If you place the PS5 in your Amazon wish list ahead of time, when the console restocks you can add it to your cart from there. This lets you avoid the actual product listing page, which typically crashes during restocks. 

Doing this trick will allow you to get a PS5 in your basket the minute a restock is live, and in a race where seconds really do count this is a massive advantage. From here you just need to checkout as fast as your fingers permit. 

You can still add the console to your wish list while it’s sold out, so make sure you do it ahead of time. Trying to add the PS5 to your wish list during a restock won’t work as the listing page will error out. 

We tested this method ourselves during an Xbox Series X restock and can confirm that it does in fact work. It won’t guarantee you a console, but it gives you a massive advantage over the people who will be stuck refreshing the listing page endlessly.

Game PS5 restock 


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As the U.K.’s biggest gaming retailer, Game is a decent first point of call when it comes to attempting to buy a PS5. The retailer has restocked the console more than almost any other place, so knowing how to maximise your chances at Game is very worthwhile. 

Unfortunately Game typically offers PS5 stock in various bundles. These can range from worthwhile packages that include the likes of an additional controller or a game like Demon’s Souls, Returnal or Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart, to ones that include less essential items like a PlayStation branded t-shirt and cap. 

While you might just want the console standalone, don’t bother attempting to get anything but one of the bundles during a Game PS5 restock. The standalone console typically sells out in seconds, so trying to purchase it will only waste precious time you can’t afford to spare.

As the retailer puts the vast majority of its stock into these premade bundles your best bet is swallowing the extra cost and trying to grab a package that at least comes with some items you actually want. The bundles that include the console plus an extra controller or a single game typically sell out as fast as the standalone console.

The most expensive bundles unsurprisingly stay in stock the longest. So if you’re able to pay significantly more than the console’s £449 RRP, and don’t mind getting some tat throw-in, then you might have some joy at Game. 

During previous restock Game has had issues that have prevented customers from signing in their online accounts, so during a restock it can actually be faster to just checkout as a guest. Wasting time trying to log into your account could cost you your place in the queue. 

Don’t worry if you’re a member of Game’s premium membership service, Game Elite, you can contact customer service after completing your order and they will manually add membership points to your account. 

Argos PS5 restock 

Argos is definitely the PS5 retailer for night owls. Argos restocks have regularly taken place in the early hours of the morning, and typically with very little warning. 

It’s frustrating for those of us who unfortunately cannot stay up all night refreshing PS5 listing pages, but if you happen to be awake at around 3 a.m. then Argos could be your best bet for picking up a PS5, as the early morning hours tend to lead to less competition. 

Unfortunately, even with restocks at unsociable hours Argos PS5 restocks still manage to sell out in minutes — scalper bots don’t require rest. Nevertheless, if you can commit to a sleepless night in the pursue of a PS5 then you might have some joy at Argos. 

Using the app is definitely the way to go here as the website is prone to frequent crashes during restocks. Plus the retailer doesn’t even have a consistent PS5 listing page as it gets takes down in between waves of stock, this can mean the console sells out before you even see that stock is up for grabs. 

Argos PS5 restocks are also limited by local availability, so just because the retailer has stock of a console doesn't necessarily guarantee there will be consoles available to buy in your area. 

Currys PC World PS5 restock

Currys PC World PS5 restock

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Currys PC World launched a PS5 priority pass earlier this year, which was a much-appreciated move designed to help fight the scalpers. One of the TG staff even managed to score a PS5 this way. 

This lottery system randomly selected entrants who then were given the opportunity to purchase a PS5 without needing to compete with resellers and overloaded website servers. It’s a system that we’d love to see more retailers implement. 

Unfortunately, Currys PC World has now ended the PS5 priority pass program. We're not sure why, though perhaps it's due to reduced stock levels or the fact that physical retail stores have reopened in the UK. What this means is that buying a PS5 at the electronics retailer now requires relying on all the methods already mentioned above. 

If you want to opt for buying a PS5 with Currys PC World, the usual tactics apply. Make sure you have an account with your details pre-saved ahead of time, follow our where to buy a PS5 guide for the latest stock updates, and also try the app if the desktop website gets overloaded. 

John Lewis PS5 restocks 

PS5 restocks at John Lewis have been far less frequent than at the rest of the retailers on this list. Odds are if you are still on the hunt for a console you’ll probably have an opportunity somewhere else before you do at John Lewis. 

Nevertheless, it’s still worth keeping an eye on the retailer and having an account set up with all your details saved so you’re prepared for the next stock drop. John Lewis also has an app, which is a good way of giving yourself a slightly increased chance of scoring a console during a restock if you try to purchase on both desktop and mobile. 

John Lewis offers clicks and collect pick up as well, which is one advantage it offers compared to some other retailers. This service is ideal for customers who don’t want to have a bulky PS5 shipped directly to their home. 

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