Signing up for Netflix: How to get an account

signing up for netflix
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When it comes to signing up for Netflix, you won't need much time to start streaming. All you need is an email address, a way to pay and a hard-to-guess password. Oh, and there's that little question of figuring out which of Netflix's three tiers is right for you.

We'll help get you through every single step, and figuring out that package choice. Because while Netflix starts at $8.99 per month, there's good reason why that Basic plan isn't the most popular option. And while some of the team at Tom's Guide splurges when it comes to Netflix, Premium isn't for everyone either.

Signing up for Netflix: Pick a plan

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Header Cell - Column 0 BasicStandardPremium
Monthly price (USD)$8.99$13.99$17.99
Streaming resolutionHD (720p)Up to Full HD (1080p)Up to UHD (4K)
Simultaneous streams and devices with downloads124

In our household, where we have two TVs, there was never a need for the Premium package seen above. So, when we were signing up for Netflix, we were perfectly fine with the $13.99 per month Standard package, commonly acknowledged to to be Netflix's most popular option.

But then I got a 4K TV, and started watching more of Netflix's Originals, and those shows and movies are streamed in ultra high-definition, and my FOMO got the better of me. And I never looked back. One of the best 4K TVs is really going to make Bridgerton shine.

If you've got a 1080p TV (and many, if not most, do), you can probably stick with the Standard plan. That is, unless your family owns a ton of screens that all need Netflix at the same time. Also, that sounds like you've got a big house, so check out our guide to the best mesh Wi-Fi systems to make sure your streams stay stable.

Decided which plan you need? OK, it's time to actually sign up. Let's do this!

Signing up for Netflix in 6 steps

1. Visit

Signing up for netflix - 1. Visit

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2. Enter your email address and click Continue.

Signing up for netflix 2. Enter your email address and click Continue.

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3. Click Continue.

Signing up for netflix 3. Click Continue.

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4. Enter your email and password and click Continue.

Signing up for netflix 4. Enter your email and password and click Continue.

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5. Pick a subscription tier (you remembered which one you picked, right?) and click continue.

Signing up for netflix step 5. Pick a subscription tier

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6. Select a billing option and enter your information (not shown here, we're not gonna have our credit card info skimmed!).

Signing up for netflix step

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You've got a Netflix account! Congrats. Check out our guides to the best Netflix shows, best Netflix movies and best family movies on Netflix to figure out where to start streaming, and learn how to download TV shows and movies from Netflix. And if you ever get locked out of your account, find out how to change your Netflix password.

Signing up for netflix complete

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