How to take gesture selfies on Samsung phones and tablets

Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus
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Whether you're running a Samsung Galaxy S21, Z Fold 3, or one of the other best Samsung phones, the Camera app on Galaxy smartphones contains some tucked-away features that make taking selfies a cinch. 

Taking selfies on Samsung Galaxy phones the regular way isn't exactly difficult — you simply tap the shutter button, like on any other phone — but Samsung has some cool additional methods that make it even easier, especially when taking group shots. For instance, you can simply hold up your hand to trigger the camera, or say "cheese." 

Want to see it in action? Check out the below TikTok from Chelseatherepairgirl.


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Cool, right? And it really is very simple to do — in fact I spent half of my Christmas taking selfies with my family this way. So here's how to activate hidden selfie features on Samsung Galaxy smartphones.

How to activate hidden selfie features on Samsung Galaxy smartphones

1. Open the Camera app, then tap the cog in the top-left corner.

A screenshot from the Samsung camera app showing the settings cogwheel highlighted

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2. Scroll to the bottom and tap "Shooting methods."

A screenshot from the Samsung camera app settings menu showing the Shooting Methods option highlighted

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3. Tap the toggles next to "Voice commands" and "Show palm" to turn the features on.

A screenshot from the Samsung camera app settings menu showing the Show Palm and Voice Commands options highlighted

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And that's it. To test it out, try saying "smile," "cheese," capture," or "shoot" to take a photo — this works with both the front and rear-facing cameras. To take a selfie or record a video using gestures, simply hold up your palm to the front-facing camera.

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  • Dk3d
    This is not a camera "hack", this is a clear and basic setting in the Samsung camera. Same as raising your palm to the screen.

    Calling it a 'hack' implies something totally totally different.

    Now if you want to do this on an iPhone yeah then you need a camera hack LOL