How to set the primary account on PS5

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Knowing how to set a primary account on PS5 will enhance the gaming experience for you and others who share the same console.  

There can only be one primary account on a PlayStation 5, and setting a primary account enables sharing where the benefits tied to that account extend to the other accounts on the console. This includes offline playing, game library access, and some PlayStation Plus benefits across all the accounts. 

In this guide, we'll take you through the easy process of designating a primary account on your PS5. And if you’re looking for a new game to dive into, you’ll be glad you checked our compilation of the best PS5 games.   

How to set primary account on PS5

Note: If there are multiple accounts on your PS5, ensure you log in using the main account, which could be the account you use for purchases or the parent’s account. 

1. Open Settings

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Once logged in, select the Settings icon at the top right (between the search and profile icons). 

2. Select Users and Accounts

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Select Users and Accounts, which is the fourth option from the top. 

3. Select Other > Console Sharing and Offline Play

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Navigate down to select Other (the sixth option from the top), and then select Console Sharing and Offline Play

4. Enable Console Sharing and Offline Play

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Press Enable and then press OK once Console Sharing and Offline Play is enabled. 

Setting a primary account on your PS5 is straightforward with the steps we’ve given above. Now all the accounts on your console can access your game library, enjoy multiplayer features, and play offline. For more on the PlayStation 5, check out our guides on the best PS5 accessories to buy right now, 11 PS5 tips everyone needs to know, and all the big PlayStation 5 problems and fixes.

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