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PS5 issues: All the big PlayStation 5 problems to look out for

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The PS5 is an excellent games console, but when it launched in November 2020 not everything was perfect with it. Various bugs and crashes blighted the experience of those lucky enough to have secured a PS5 restock

But a suite of PS5 updates have patched over a lit of bugs as well as unlock features that were previously unavailable on the console, most notably the ability to add in a second SSD. 

With this in mind, the PS5 is now a pretty stable and well-featured games console. And we've not spotted any major errors that have popped up in 2022 thus far. 

Nevertheless, we have a rundown of the some of the biggest PlayStation 5 problems, their fixes and what to look out for.

PS5 system updates

Over the course of the past 12 months or so, Sony has pushed out numerous updated for the PS5. 

Some of these simply boosted system performance, while other unlocked access to the spare internal SSD slot, allowing users to upgrade their PS5 storage without system update beta access. Check out our guide on how to upgrade PS5 internal storage

Reported PS5 issues

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Transferring data from PS4 to PS5 via USB or LAN: When you first pick up your PS5, it can be tempting to want to connect straight to your PS4 to get everything moved over to your new system in one fell swoop. You can do this by connecting your PS4 via USB or LAN to PS5, just as the system prompts you when you turn it on. 

However, users reported experiencing system crashes, errors, and additional problems when attempting this. This seems to be working fine now but we suggest you follow our guide on how transfer data from PS4 to PS5

Rest mode crashes console: The PS5's rest mode seemed to give people problems with crashes and errors resulting in last-ditch database rebuilding. Overall this problems seems to have been solved; there. There are murmurs of Rest Moe problems across the Web, but it's unclear if this is a PS5 firmware, game or user error situation. If you would rather not risk this then simply go to the Settings menu, find System Settings, then choose Power Saving. Choose Set Time Until PS5 Enters Rest Mode and the select Don't Put in Rest Mode.

External hard drive corruption: Sony has long paraded the use of external hard drives as one of the PS5's most useful features. You can store your PS4 games there if you'd like, and you have plenty of extra space in addition to what the system came with. However, users are reporting problems with transferring data from their PS4 system over to PS5 with an external hard drive. Some are seeing corrupted data following the transfer process, while others have lost data previously available on the hard drive. 

There doesn't appear to be a fix for this, but there are tips that suggest leaving your PS5 in Rest Mode  with the USB storage attached to solve this issue. And if the users choses to let the PS5 'repair' the USB drive, the error should only pop up once, unless there's a deeper issue afoot. 

Error code CE-108262-9: Users who routinely experience system crashes, failures, and error code CE-108262-9 may be seeing system deterioration and faulty hardware that will necessitate a call to tech support. 

CE-108262-9 is not the type of error code to wait for a firmware fix for. If you see this error over and over again (or even just a few times), consider contacting PlayStation support for a potential resolution.

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