Nintendo Switch 2 leak teases big Joy-Con upgrade and good news for Pro controller owners

Nintendo Switch OLED held between two hands with one of the JoyCons being slid off
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Since it was reported that Nintendo Switch 2 had been delayed into 2025 the rumor mill has mostly stopped. However, we’ve finally got a new leak regarding Nintendo’s (currently unannounced) next-gen hardware, and it hints at a big Joy-Con upgrade. 

According to Spanish publication Vandal (and spotted by VGC), the Nintendo Switch 2 will use a new style of Joy-Con controller that will attach to the main console unit magnetically. This is a significant change from the rail system used on the first-generation Switch, and it would also suggest that current Joy-Cons will not be forward-compatible with Switch 2.

This could be a very nifty upgrade, as the Joy-Con rail system has caused headaches for many users. In my experience, the metal and plastic rails are a little flimsy, and when the Nintendo Switch launched in 2017 many users accidentally attached the included Joy-Con Strap upside down. 

This was such a common problem, that Nintendo had to create a bespoke support page to help users resolve the issue. Presumable magnetically attached Joy-Cons wouldn’t suffer from the same issue and would be much easier to remove from the main console unit when required. 

The same report also claims that the current Nintendo Switch Pro Controller (available for $69 at Amazon) will be compatible with the Switch 2. This would be seriously good news. Not only is the Switch Pro Controller the most enjoyable way to enjoy the best Nintendo Switch games, but it would also save current owners from needing to buy a potentially pricy new model designed specifically for Switch 2. 

Vandal previously leaked some of the Nintendo Switch OLED’s upgrades ahead of its launch in October 2021, so there’s reason to be optimistic that this report is accurate. However, it should still be classed as unconfirmed until we get some concrete word from Nintendo. 

Remember that even the Switch 2 has yet to be officially unveiled, so any details on the heavily rumored hardware should be taken with a significant grain of salt.   

This is the latest in a massive wave of Nintendo Switch 2 rumors. Previous leaks have suggested the console will be revealed sometime in June, and its spec sheet could be a little disappointing, resulting in a console that’s not as next-gen as we’re hoping. 

With so many leaks and rumors circulating, it’s hard to separate the fact from the fiction. Let's hope that Nintendo gives us some firm details in the near future.  

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