Nintendo could announce the Switch 2 in June, new leak suggests

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The interest surrounding the (currently unconfirmed) Nintendo Switch 2 is still going strong, even though the latest rumors suggest it may not hit shelves in 2024. Instead, it looks like the potential successor to Nintendo's hugely successful handheld hybrid will launch in Q1 2025. But a reveal could be right around the corner in June, according to a reliable industry insider — which is just in time for the summer gaming news season. 

Brazilian journalist Pedro Henrique Lutti Lippe—also known as Brazil—claimed as much in a recent Famiboards post, saying that the Mario Maker will announce the Switch 2 (or whatever it ends up being called) in June, as first reported by GameRant. The summer months are typically chock-full of media buzz between PlayStation's State of Play, Summer Game Fest, and more announcements, so Nintendo would be in good company if it chose to reveal its highly anticipated new console then. 

The insider, who has leaked accurate Nintendo intel in the past, also shared information bout the timing and content of the next Nintendo Direct. Lippe predicts a broadcast focused on the company's first-party games will happen in April, though he's unclear whether the spring livestream will be a full-fledged Nintendo Direct or a Mini-branded presentation. Something Lippe is more certain about, though, is that Nintendo is planning another Indie World Showcase before that broadcast, most likely to be sometime in March.

Given that the Switch's 2024 calendar of first-party game releases looks pretty bare, it's not a bad bet to think Nintendo could soon have more news to share to this effect. Previous leaks suggest the Switch 2 could be home to the first new Mario Kart game since 2013 (the one later remastered for Switch) and a new Mario platformer. There’s also the perpetually MIA Metroid Prime 4, originally announced in 2017, but unheard of in five years. 

Switch 2 possible launch window

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The same insider was also the first to report that the Switch 2 is facing internal delays that could push its widely tipped release in 2024 back to 2025. Multiple news sources have subsequently confirmed the scoop independently, affirming that Nintendo has begun briefing certain publishers about the delay. 

The latest rumors suggest we could see a launch in the first quarter of 2025, which means some point between the start of January and the end of March. If it pushes to the very end of this window, Nintendo could tie its release to the seventh anniversary of the original Switch, which arrived in most regions on March 3, 2017. 

Of course, all of this remains speculation for now, as Nintendo has yet to even confirm it's even working on a Switch successor to begin with. But we may not have long to wait to learn more.

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