Helix Midnight Luxe vs Midnight Elite: Which mattress should you buy in Presidents' Day sales?

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The Helix Midnight Luxe and the Helix Midnight Elite are both luxury mattresses designed especially for side sleepers. In this Midnight Luxe vs Midnight Elite comparison piece, we'll examine the key difference between these two quality pressure-relieving beds so that you can easily choose between them and buy the best mattress for your sleep needs and budget.

Both the Midnight Elite and Midnight Luxe are part of Helix Sleep's range of Midnight models, offering a medium feel and lashings of body contouring to reduce pressure points on the hips, shoulders and knees. However, Helix Sleep splits its mattresses into three collections: Core, Luxe and Elite. 

While the Luxe and Elite Collections are luxurious upgrades from the Core collection, the Elite mattresses are taller, use premium foams and have a more balanced feel — but does that mean the Midnight Elite is an innately superior mattress to the Midnight Luxe?

Here, we're comparing the comfort and design, comfort and support of the Helix Midnight Luxe vs Midnight Elite mattresses. In terms of how they compare on price, you can get 25% off both – and get a free bedding bundle – thanks to this year's Presidents' Day mattress sales. While both beds are cheaper courtesy of these discounts, which should you buy and why? Let's take a look...

Helix Midnight Luxe vs Helix Midnight Elite mattress: Specs

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Row 0 - Cell 0 Midnight LuxeMidnight Elite
Internal Layers;85
Trial:100 nights100 nights
Warranty:10-15 years15 years
Price (MSRP)from $1,373.80from $2,498.80

Helix Midnight Luxe vs Helix Midnight Elite mattress: Prices & trials

  • A queen Helix Midnight Elite is usually $1,899 in 20% off evergreen sale 
  • Expect to typically save around $800 for a queen size Midnight Elite
  • Both have now been reduced by 25% thanks to Presidents' Day deal

Both the Midnight Luxe and Midnight Hybrid are upgrades from the Helix Midnight, which is part of the Core collection and is the cheapest of the three. In our Helix Midnight mattress review, we deemed the core mattress to sit in the upper mid-range bracket at full retail, and in the mid-range when on sale. 

However, both the Midnight Luxe and Midnight Elite sit in the luxury category, which is common for the best hybrid mattresses. However, the Midnight Luxe is the cheaper option, as the Midnight elite contains more cutting-edge cooling tech and premium foam. 

A person unzips the cover on the Helix Midnight Elite Mattress

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As the their both Helix mattresses, the two beds usually are subject to Helix's sitewide 20% off and  25% off sales, and usually have the same benefits: a 15-year warranty, a 100-night sleep trial, and free shipping. Both usually come with freebies, too - currently you'll be able to bet a free sleep bundle with whichever mattress you buy. 

Both are hardly ever sold at full retail, with a queen Midnight Luxe on sale for $1,780.40, while a queen Midnight Elite is $2,811.60. This is a sizeable price difference between the two, especially when you consider that their both fundamentally side sleeper mattresses with top-of-the-line cooling features and enhanced zoned lumbar support.

So, how much do these mattresses cost when they aren't on sale? Here’s our Midnight Luxe vs Midnight Elite mattress MSRP price comparison:

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Price Comparison
Row 0 - Cell 0 Midnight LuxeMidnight Eiite
Twin MSRP:$1,373.80$2,498.80
Twin XL MSRP:$1,623.80$2,748.80
Full MSRP:$1,998.80$3,311.30
Queen MSRP:$2,373.80$3,748.80
Short Queen MSRP:$2,373.80N/A
King MSRP:$2,873.80$4,498.80
Cal king MSRP:$2,873.80$4,498.80
RV king MSRP:$2,873.80N/A

Midnight Luxe vs Midnight Elite price winner: Midnight Luxe
Despite coming with the same freebies and discounts and offering the same warranty and sleep trial length, there is a huge price difference between the two, with a difference of over $1,000 in some of the sizes. While the Midnight Elite features a lot of bells and whistles (such as premium foam), both are still side sleeper mattresses designed to support the lower back and cool you down. Unless you want your mattress to feel as luxurious as can be, the Midnight Luxe is way better value for money.

Helix Midnight Luxe$1,373 $1,030 at Helix Sleep

Helix Midnight Luxe: from $1,373 $1,030 at Helix Sleep
While there's always a 20% off Helix mattress deal or sale, this year's Presidents' Day sales will get you 25% off  all sizes, reducing a queen size Midnight Luxe to $1,780.40. You'll also get a free bedding bundle worth $378 that includes pillows, sheets and a mattress protector. As with all Helix mattress purchases, the Midnight Luxe comes with a 100-night sleep trial, a 15 year warranty and free shipping to your door. 

Helix Midnight Elite:$2,498 $1,874 at Helix Sleep

Helix Midnight Elite: from $2,498 $1,874 at Helix Sleep
The evergreen 20% off discount on the Helix Midnight Elite usually gets you around $800 off a queen size. However, the Helix Presidents' Day sale has arrived so you can now save $937 on a queen size, plus you'll get $378 of free bedding, a 100-night sleep trial, 15 year warranty and free shipping.

Helix Midnight Luxe vs Helix Midnight Elite mattress: Design

  • Both are hybrids, but the Midnight Elite has 3 more internal layers
  • The Midnight Elite is 3 inches taller than the Luxe 
  • Both come with a cooling GlacioTex pillow top cover

While both the Elite and Luxe are made up of foam and springs, there are a lot of key differences in terms of their construction. For a start, the Midnight Elite is relatively gigantic, reaching a height of 16 inches (3 inches taller than the Midnight Luxe), which we deem as extra thick. The tall build is due to the mattress containing 8 internal layers (not including the cover), with the individually wrapped coil layer taking up 8 inches. This zoned coil layer is for lumbar support and to stabilize the top layers. 

In addition to the 8" inch coil layer, there are two Individually wrapped steel Microcoil layers, which are designed for pressure relief and to encourage proper spinal alignment. The other four layers are all made of foam, with a top memory foam layer to relieve pressure points in the shoulders and hips when sleeping on your side. To literally top it all off, there's cutting-edge heat-dissipating pillow top cover to cool and cushion. Its made from GlacioTex fabric, which is a popular fabric in the best cooling mattresses

The Midnight Luxe also comes with a cooling cover. However, you have a choice: a breathable, premium TENCEL cover (free) or a GlacioTex Cooling cover similar to the Midnight Elite's ($265.30). Both covers provide a cooling sleep surface, but the GlacioTex cover has more cutting-edge cooling tech. During our Helix Midnight Luxe mattress review, we felt that the Luxe did a decent job of regulating temperatures, but would recommend the GlacioTex cover to particularly hot sleepers.

Next up is a comfort foam layer designed to provide body-cradling support and comfort, while there are 2 memory foam layers for a stable medium firm feel. Below are individually wrapped coils which are designed to support your hips, lumbar region, and spine. 

Exploded diagram showing layers of Helix Midnight Luxe mattress

(Image credit: Helix)

Midnight Luxe vs Midnight Elite design winner: It's a draw
If you're looking for a mattress with state-of-the-art materials for comfort and support, then you can't go wrong with the Midnight Elite. However, it's ultra tall, and some people with mobility issues, petite frames, and smaller bedroom will find it unnecessarily big. With the above points in mind, go for the design that suits your space, body, and sleep needs. 

Helix Midnight Luxe vs Midnight Elite mattress: Comfort & support

  • Both mattresses have an official firmness rating of 5-6/10 (medium-firm)
  • The Elite has extra support, while the luxe is ultra soft
  • The Luxe's 1,000 wrapped springs provide excellent motion isolation

When we had a hands-on look at the Midnight Luxe, we found it to be much softer than the original Helix Midnight, so much so that anyone other than side sleepers would feel unsupported. Its Memory Foam Plus layers add extra comfort and relief for the pressure points along the hips and shoulders, while the 1,000 individually wrapped steel coils are designed to limit motion transfer. 

When we ran a motion isolation test on the Luxe, we could confirm that this bed has excellent motion isolation for couples. So, if you share a bed with a restless sleeper, the Luxe may stop you from being disturbed by a co-sleeper's movements. 

Helix Midnight Luxe mattress with our sleep editor lying on it

(Image credit: 3Z for Tom's Guide)

The Midnight Elite on the other hand, is all about support thanks in large part to it's three coil layers. The two microcoil layers are designed to give durable support, while the 8" coil layers is designed to sturdily stabalize the mattress and provide enhanced zoned lumbar support. Its high-density Helix Dynamic Foam layer is also there to support heavyweight sleepers, and its Helix Responsive Foam maximises the support of the steel coils. 

Overall, both have a medium-firm feel of 5-6/10, which is generally suited for side sleepers and some back sleepers. Their both thick enough to support couples and plus-sized adults, but the 16" Elite offers sturdier support.

Midnight Luxe vs Midnight Elite comfort and support winner: Midnight Elite
While both will no doubt offer side sleepers comfort and pressure relief, the Midnight Elite takes the lad when it comes to support, as its sturdy layers of coils and high-density premium foam allows for enhanced lumbar support and durability. Plus, both are said to offer a medium feel, but some of our testers did find the Luxe a little too squishy to change positions on. 

Helix Midnight Luxe vs Helix Midnight Elite mattress: Temperature control

  • The Midnight Luxe comes with a cooling, breathable TENCEL cover
  • The Midnight Elite has an advanced cooling cover made from GlacioTex
  • With two extra layers of coils, the Elite has the most optimized airflow

The Midnight Elite contains the most advanced cooling technology of the two mattresses. First of all, the standard cover is made from GlacioTex, a trademark cooling fabric that uses fibers with high thermal conductivity to quickly pull away from your body. The Midnight Luxe, on the other hand, has a breathable TENCEL cover, and you can only upgrade to the GlacioTex cover for a $265.30 fee.

Both are hybrid mattresses (meaning they contain both springs and foam), which are known to sleep much cooler than all-foam beds thanks to the air-circulating coil layers. However, with three coil layers as apposed to the Midnight Luxe's one, the Midnight Elite has maximum airflow optimization. 

Midnight Luxe vs Midnight Elite temperature control winner: Midnight Elite With its three layers of air-circulating coils for optimized airflow and a heat-dissipating state-of-the-art cooling cover made from GlacioTex, the Midnight Elite features more advanced cooling tech than the Midnight Luxe (which is still pretty breathable, even if you don't upgrade to the GlacioTex cover).

Buy the Helix Midnight Luxe mattress if...

✅ You're on a tight budget: When you consider its comfort features and benefits, the Midnight Luxe is much better value for money. Don't get us wrong, this is still a premium model with a premium price tag, but opting for the Luxe will save you a lot of money. 

✅ You want more sizing options: The comes in familiar sizes, from twin to Cal King, but it also has a short queen option and an RV king size. 

You don't need a tall mattress: 13 inches is thick enough to support most adults, including plus-sized sleepers, and couples. Also, the 16" Elite may not be suitable for smaller bedrooms, solo and lightweight sleepers, and those with mobility issues. 

Buy the Helix Midnight Elite mattress if...

You need extra support: The Midnight Luxe is all about comfort, but its ultra-soft squidgy feel may leave some sleepers feeling unsupported, especially if you specifically thought you were getting a medium-firm mattress.  Meanwhile, the Midnight Elite's extra coil layers and high-density foam offer plenty of suport.

You sleep hot: With its heat-dissipating GlacioTex cover and optimized airflow through 3 coil layers, the Midnight Elites contains the most advance cooling tech. 

✅ You're plus-sized: At 16", this extra-thick bed can support all shapes and sizes, while it chunky 8" zoned lumbar support coil layers is sturdy and stabilizing. 

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