Our top-rated luxury mattress just got a major price drop

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If you head to Saatva right now, there's $500 off the Saatva Classic mattress. With that discount, a queen size is $1,495, which matches the cheapest price we've seen this year, and is $200 cheaper than the regular discounted price. In fact, it's close to Black Friday mattress deals pricing, which is excellent.

You'll find the full low-down in our Saatva Classic mattress review, but the short version is that we consider this the best mattress around, bar none. This luxurious innerspring hybrid delivers a hotel bed feel, with a dreamy balance of cushioning and support. You can also adjust it to your exact preferences, with three sleep feels and two heights to choose from (none of which costs extra). 

The Classic is our top pick of the Saatva sale, but this offer is available across the full lineup – there's a minimum spend of $1,000 to qualify. There's a range of different kinds of beds for different people and sleep preferences (see how they compare in our guide to finding the best Saatva mattress for you), and you'd be getting an exceptional deal on any of them. 

We're going to focus on the Classic in particular here, because we think it'll suit most people. Here's who we'd recommend this mattress to:

Saatva Classic mattress
Queen size:$1,995Overview: Price history: Extras:

Saatva Classic mattress
Queen size:
was $1,995 now $1,495

Overview: The Saatva Classic is a luxurious innerspring mattress, made up of supportive coils, a luxurious Euro-top, and cradling memory foam beneath the lumbar. It's available in three different firmness levels (Plush, Luxury Firm and Firm) and two heights (11.5" and 14.5"). That means it can be adjusted to suit a wide range of sleep styles and preferences. This is  decadent yet supportive mattress, and the extras are outstanding (more on those below).

Price history: You'll be unlucky to pay full MSRP for this mattress, but the current Saatva mattress deal is an especially good one. The current price is the lowest we've seen all year (matched once in March), and for most of 2023 it has been significantly more expensive, with a queen size costing $1,695. It's not the lowest price ever – at one point in 2022, it dropped to $1,345 – but that was when MSRP was significantly lower, so we're very, very unlikely to see those kind of historic lows appearing again.

Extras: Saatva offers the most comprehensive package of any mattress brand. You'll get a 365-night sleep trial, a forever warranty, and free white glove delivery to your room of choice (note this mattress is delivered flat).

Buy it if...

You want a luxurious mattress: With a pillowy Euro-top and impeccable build quality, the Classic looks and feels like a hotel bed – especially if you opt for the taller version. It's almost always premium priced to match, but the current offer drops it (just about!) into the upper-mid bracket, making it cheaper than its best luxury mattress rivals. 

You suffer from back or joint pain: We consider this amongst the best mattresses for back pain, thanks to a design geared towards keeping the full body properly supported, but especially the lumbar. The upper levels of cushioning help relieve pressure, and the ability to choose your firmness preference means you can pick the version that aligns perfectly with your body type and sleep style. 

You sleep warm: Because it's predominantly made from coils rather than foam, this mattress is breathable and won't cling on to body heat, as all-foam mattresses can. In our tests, we slept consistently slept cool on this mattress.

Don't buy it if...

You like the hug of memory foam: There's a little bit of foam in the Saatva Classic, but not loads – the Loom & leaf and Saatva Memory Foam Hybrid both have more foam (and are both discounted heavily in the current sale). However, both run quite firm, so if you want that body-hugging, sink in feel, consider something like the Helix Midnight (currently 20% off, queen size costs $1,099).

You're on a tight budget: Considering the build quality and extras, the Saatva Classic is excellent value for money – and even more so with the current deal. However, if it's still out of your budget, the DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid (currently 40% off, queen size costs $799) is a decent alternative, and punches well above its lower mid-range price tag.

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