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The best robot vacuums

A robot vacuum is a handy tool for keeping your house or apartment looking tidy between major cleanings. It can be especially helpful in homes with pets, where clumps of hair can accumulate seemingly overnight. And, a robot vacuum can go about its business while you're not home, freeing you do do more important things.

Based on more than 600 hours of testing on more than 40 robot vacuums, the best robot vacuum for most people is the $249 Shark Ion R85. Not only is it great at cleaning, but it also works with both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. It even has an optional stick vacuum, so you can clean couch cushions and other spots the robovac can't reach.

If you're on a budget, we recommend the $159 iLife V3s Pro. While it lacks smart-home connectivity and is on the slower side, it’s better than most other robot vacuums — even those costing hundreds more — at picking up pet hair and other debris.

We're currently testing Shark's newest robot vacuum, the Shark IQ R101AE, which, like the Roomba i7+, has a base that collects the dirt from the vacuum after each cleaning. We're also looking at the new Roomba s9+, which has a fresh design and works in conjunction with the Braava M6 to both vacuum and mop your floors. You can get the Roomba s9+ and Braava M6 for around $1,500.

Read on to see all of our top picks for best robot vacuums.

Shark Ion R85. Credit: Shark

(Image credit: Shark Ion R85. Credit: Shark)

Shark Ion R85

The best robot vacuum overall

Cleaning Performance: 94 | Pet Hair Score: 88 | Average Cleaning Time: 1 hour, 2 minutes | Loudness: 59.2 dB | Bin Size: 625 ml | Smart Home Compatibility: Alexa, Google Home | Size: 12.8 x 12.5 x 3.4 inches | Weight: 5.1 pounds

Great pet-hair performance
Dustbin is super easy to clean
Easy app setup and notifications
Can get stuck on thick carpet

Our best robot vacuum overall, the Shark R85 proved excellent at picking up pet hair and other debris around our home with a minimum of fuss. While it took about an hour on average to finish a run in our test space, it was much more thorough than all other robot vacuums. We also like its notifications, smartphone control and easy-to-clean dustbin The optional handheld vacuum is handy for getting those spaces the robot vacuum can't reach.

iLife V3s Pro

iLife V3s Pro

Best robot vacuum on a budget

Cleaning Performance: 97 | Pet Hair Score: 99.5 | Average Cleaning Time: 1 hour, 31 minutes | Loudness: 64.1 dB | Bin Size: 600 ml | Smart Home Compatibility: None | Size: 11.8 x 11.8 x 3 inches | Weight: 4.5 pounds

Excellent pet-hair-cleaning performance
Fantastic hardwood performance
Inconsistent cleaning pattern

This is the best robot vacuum you can get for less than $200. Despite its low price, the iLife V3s Pro consistently outperformed other robot vacuums that cost three times as much. It picked up nearly all the pet hair in our lab tests, and was also good in our at-home tests, too. The only caveats is that it’s slow, can’t be controlled from your smartphone (though it has a remote), and is a bit louder than other vacuums. But for this price, those are tradeoffs we’re willing to make.

iLife V5s Pro

iLife V5s Pro

Good cleaner, so-so mopper

Cleaning Performance: 94.8 | Pet Hair Score: 97.3 | Average Cleaning Time: 1 hour, 40 minutes | Loudness: 59.9 dB | Bin Size: 600 ml | Smart Home Compatibility: None | Size: 11.8 x 11.8 x 3 inches | Weight: 4.9 pounds

Excellent cleaner
Attractive design
Lackluster mopping feature
Some debris not suctioned completely into dustbin

The second-best robot vacuum under $200 is iLife’s V5s Pro, which vacuumed nearly as well as the V3s Pro. The V5s Pro has an added mopping feature that was pretty ineffective in our in-home tests. Like most budget robot vacs, the V5s Pro lacks a smartphone app, and doesn’t work with any smart home devices. It’s also one of the slowest robot vacuums we’ve tested. Still, for the money, it’s a very effective cleaner.

iRobot Roomba i7+. Credit: iRobot

(Image credit: iRobot Roomba i7+. Credit: iRobot)

iRobot Roomba i7+

The self-cleaning robot vacuum

Cleaning Performance: 90.4 | Pet Hair Score: 90.5 | Average Cleaning Time: 18 minutes | Loudness: 62.6 dB | Bin Size: 379 ml | Smart Home Compatibility: Alexa, Google Home | Size: 13.3 x 3.7 inches | Weight: 7.4 pounds

Low profile means it fits easily under furniture
Supereasy setup
Gets stuck easily on unfavorable surfaces

iRobot's highest-end model makes our best robot vacuum list because it has a base with its own dustbin, so you can go multiple cleanings without having to empty out the bin. It edged out the Shark Ion R85 on our pet hair test, picking up just over 90 percent of all the fur on the floor.

It has a number of other features, such as the ability to map multiple floors and create virtual walls. The Roomba i7+ is also fast, finishing a cleaning run in less than 20 minutes. Still, its price — $1,099 — plus the fact that it wasn't as thorough as other vacuums kept the i7+ from receiving a higher rating. You can purchase the i7 for $799, but that price doesn't include the cleaning base, one of the main reasons for getting this vacuum in the first place. 

iRobot Roomba 690. Credit: iRobot

(Image credit: iRobot Roomba 690. Credit: iRobot)

iRobot Roomba 690

A solid performer for the money

Cleaning Performance: 89.2 | Pet Hair Score: 73.3 | Average Cleaning Time: 1 hour, 12 minutes | Loudness: 66 dB | Bin Size: 600 ml | Smart Home Compatibility: Alexa, Google Home | Size: 13 x 3.6 inches | Weight: 7.8 pounds

Easy-to-use app
Maneuvers well in tight spaces
Somewhat loud
Dustbin too easy to remove

While it's an older model, the iRobot Roomba 690 is still one of the best robot vacuums because it has powerful suction and is especially user-friendly. Once you set this vacuum up, it basically runs itself. But you can also control it from a convenient smartphone app that you can use to schedule cleaning times from anywhere. This robot did a great job on both carpeting and hardwood flooring, but it didn't do as well with pet hair as our top pick did. This vacuum also continued cleaning over various obstacles rather than getting stuck like competitors.

iRobot Braava jet 240

(Image credit: Future)

iRobot Braava Jet 240

The best budget robot vacuum for mopping

Average Cleaning Time: 15 minutes, 43 seconds | Smart Home Compatibility: None | Size: 7 x 6.7 x 3.3 inches | Weight: 2.7 pounds

Lightweight and compact
Multiple cleaning modes
Replaceable battery
Must purchase washable or disposable replacement pads
Drags dirt around

iRobot's budget mopping robot vacuum, the Braava Jet 240, helps keep your kitchen and hardwood floors tidier by giving them a good scrub. It's much smaller than a traditional robot vacuum, and uses replaceable pads to get at those dried spills. It's fairly good at this task, but won't substitute for a real scrubbing with a mop. Plus, replacement pads will cost you an extra $24-$48 per year, which you have to factor into the total cost of ownership.

iLife Shinebot W400

(Image credit: Future)

iLife Shinebot W400

A thorough robotic mopper

Average Cleaning Time: 13 minutes, 44 seconds | Smart Home Compatibility: None | Size: 11.5 x 11.1 x 4.6 inches | Weight: 7.7 pounds

Good cleaning performance
Dirty water tank captures dirt and grime
Reusable microfiber brush roll
Cumbersome cleaning process after use
Too tall to clean under kitchen cabinets

The iLife Shinebot W400 is both larger and more expensive than the Braava Jet 240, but the W400 is better at mopping floors, and its cleaning roll is washable, so you're not having to constantly purchase additional cleaning pads. However, we found the W400 more of a pain to maintain, as you have to empty a dirty-water bin after each use. 

Samsung PowerBot R7070

Samsung PowerBot R7070

An older, but still good-performing robot vacuum

Cleaning Performance: 87.9 | Pet Hair Score: 81.5 | Average Cleaning Time: 27 minutes, 30 seconds | Loudness: 66.7 dB | Bin Size: 600 ml | Smart Home Compatibility: Alexa, Google Home | Size: 13.7 x 13.4 x 3.8 inches | Weight: 9.5 pounds

Easy to clean
Works with Alexa, Google Assistant
Can be controlled via remote or companion app
Height makes it difficult to fit under furniture

Our best robot vacuum from 2018, the Samsung PowerBot R7070 is still a very capable and fast cleaner. You can also control it from your smartphone, as well as with Alexa and Google Assistant. But while it completed a cleaning run in half the time that the Shark Ion R85 took, it wasn't as effective at picking up pet hair or kitty litter. And it's about twice as expensive.

Eufy RoboVac 11S. Credit: Eufy

(Image credit: Eufy RoboVac 11S. Credit: Eufy)

Eufy RoboVac 11S

A good value robot vac

Cleaning Performance: 85.5 | Pet Hair Score: 67.5 | Average Cleaning Time: 1 hour, 18 minutes | Loudness: 62.5 dB | Bin Size: 600 ml | Smart Home Compatibility: None | Size: 12.8 x 12.8 x 2.85 inches | Weight: 5.7 pounds

Low profile means it fits easily under furniture
Supereasy setup
Gets stuck easily on unfavorable surfaces
Doesn't learn to avoid areas
Dustbin sends dust everywhere

The Eufy RoboVac 11S is one of the best robot vacuums for those on a budget simply because it works. The device is short enough that it can track under furniture where you normally can't reach with an upright vacuum. And though there's no Wi-Fi connectivity or app control, there's a companion remote. You can use this to schedule the vacuum so that it cleans up any litter crystals, stray hairs and food crumbs left behind.