How To: Reset 25 Popular Phones

It’s always a good idea to know how to reboot and reset your smartphone. If it ever goes on the fritz and freezes, a simple forced reboot may be all it needs. Or, if you’re planning on returning or selling it, you’ll want to know how to do a factory reset to purge all of your personal information. Here's a great big list of the most popular and highest rated smartphones from recent years, and the instructions for resetting them. But first, some nomenclature.

The Soft Reset:

In the computer world, a soft reset refers to rebooting a device without cycling the power. In the smartphone world, that isn’t the case. A soft reset refers to rebooting the device without resetting any of the options or settings. We’re assuming you already know how to properly reboot your phone, so when we say “Soft Reset,” we mean forcing a reboot such as when the device is frozen.

The Factory Reset:

In smartphones, a factory reset is also known as a hard reset. This is the course of action you take to return your phone to its factory settings, such as when it is continually freezing and a soft reset won’t fix it. It’s also useful for anyone selling or returning their smartphone so that you can erase all of your personal date, but make sure to check the SD and internal storage, too.

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  • mkrijt
    You can also do a hard reset of your nokia N8 doing the following (This wipes the entire phone memory and settings fresh to how it was (or should be) when you bought it):
    -Turn off your phone
    -Hold “Volume Down + Camera Key + Menu Key” and press power button until your phone vibrates.
    -Wait until screen show properly… and welcome back!!

    This can however lead to other problems, so be carefull....
  • Memnarchon
    The only problem that leads is the loss of the Qt libraries. It supposed to be solved in the Symbian Anna update but the loss of the Qt libraries still happens. People at nokia (and other) forums asking how to retrieve them back. Simple. Just install an application from Nokia Ovi Suite that requires Qt libraries and it will automatically download it.
  • Memnarchon
    Also you can hard reset by pressing the following *#7370#. This is the hard reset. The soft reset is *#7780#.
  • Anonymous
    Thank You very much.. Its worth.