What mattress does the Four Seasons Hotel use — and where to buy them

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Four Seasons Hotels is a name that signals luxury, and when you sink into a Four Seasons bed, you expect some of the best quality sleep of your life. With the Signature Mattress, the Four Seasons has come close to delivering this, thanks to a supportive hybrid build with a range of firmness levels for a tailored sleep experience.

Some of our favorite beds in our best mattress guide offer multiple firmness levels, allowing you to pick a sleep feel that matches your needs. Four Seasons recognizes its guests come in all shapes, sizes, and preferences, and has responded to that by offering the Signature Mattress with an Original, Plush, and Firm finish.

Curious about bringing Four Seasons luxury to your bedroom? In this guide, we'll explore what makes the Signature Mattress key to the Four Seasons' "true sleeping sanctuaries" and how you can add that hotel mattress comfort to your home – plus some more affordable alternatives. 

What mattress does the Four Seasons Hotel Use?

Four Seasons Mattress US

The Signature Four Seasons bed is an innerspring and memory foam mattress that can rival the very best hybrid mattresses when it comes to comfort and support. Four Seasons claims that every component, down to single stitches, has been considered in creating the Signature Mattress.

Unwind on the Signature Mattress and you'll be enjoying the sturdy support of coils, each individually wrapped to ensure one person moving doesn't send the whole bed bouncing. Four Seasons has added targeted support to the center of the mattress, for improved lumbar alignment and reduced back pain.

The Four Seasons Hotel Signature Mattress on a box spring in a plain room

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Above the coil layer sits numerous foam layers, including gel foams to limit heat retention and keep you cooler overnight. This is enhanced by the DualCool Technology top, which wicks away sweat and warmth for fresher sleep.

A highlight of the Signature Mattress is that there's a feel to suit almost any sleep style. The Signature Original is the most versatile, with gentle contouring that should support side and back sleepers. Dedicated side sleepers should opt for the Signature Mattress Plush, which adds an upper layer of AirFeel Foam for a cushioned sleep feel. Finally, the Signature Mattress Firm features a twin AirCool Foam layer, providing supportive rest for stomach sleepers.

Hotel mattresses are premium options, but the Signature Mattress is expensive even for a hotel bed. It's comparable to the mattress used in the Ritz-Carlton, with a queen setting you back $3,750 at full MSRP at Four Seasons shop. Four Seasons mattress sales are rare, but you might get lucky. There doesn't appear to be a mattress trial or warranty, so if you're not sure this bed is right for you, you'll need to book a night in a Four Seasons Hotel.

Four Seasons Signature Mattress: from $2,700 at Four Seasons Shop

Four Seasons Signature Mattress: from $2,700 at Four Seasons Shop
The Four Seasons mattress is expensive even for a hotel mattress, with a queen costing $3,750 at full MSRP whether you opt for plush, medium, or firm. Sales are rare, and you're more likely to find money off bedding and accessories than the mattress itself. However, this premium hybrid has a complex build and promises the "optimal sleep environment" so it might be worth the investment. 

Four Seasons Mattress EU

Despite having hotels across the globe, the Four Seasons store currently only delivers to the continental United States, Alaska, Hawaii, and Canada. Hopefully they'll introduce a worldwide store soon, allowing international guests a chance to purchase Four Seasons comfort for their own home.

Until then, shoppers in the EU looking for a luxury hotel mattress should check out our guide to the mattresses used in Marriott hotels or the Westin Heavenly Bed, both of which are available in some destinations outside the US.

Affordable alternatives to the Four Seasons mattress

The Four Seasons Signature Mattress is truly a premium buy, which means even some of our favorite luxury beds count as affordable alternatives. These mattresses might not completely match resort-style comfort, but they come close...

Saatva Classic mattress:

Saatva Classic mattress: from $1,395 at Saatva
The Saatva Classic mattress is our current favorite bed, providing a luxurious feel and supportive sleep that's particularly good for back pain. In our Saatva Classic mattress review we praised the all-round performance, and with three feels and two heights to choose from, this bed suits pretty much all sleep styles. The luxury experience doesn't end with the mattress, as the extras are equally premium, including a lifetime warranty and free white glove delivery. Saatva mattress sales are frequent, so if the bed is full price, it's worth waiting for a deal to pop up.

WinkBed Mattress: was from $1,149now $849 at WinkBed

WinkBed Mattress: was from $1,149 now $849 at WinkBed
Like the Signature Mattress by the Four Seasons hotel, the WinkBed is available in multiple firmness levels – although with soft, luxury firm, firm, and plus option, the WinkBed actually has more variety than the Signature Mattress. Our testing panel was impressed with the zoned pressure relief during our WinkBed mattress review, making this a good alternative for anyone drawn to the central support of the Signature Mattress. An evergreen $300 off sale reduces a queen to $1,499 (was $1,799), and you get a 120-night trial.

Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Luxe Cooling: was from $999now $699.30 at Brooklyn Bedding

Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Luxe Cooling: was from $999 now $699.30 at Brooklyn Bedding
The temperature regulation impressed us during our Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Luxe Cooling mattress review, as did the range of firmness levels and sizes to choose between. The best time to shop is when the 30% off sale is live, which tends to happen around the major holidays and reduces a queen to $1,585.50 (was $2,265). You can get the mattress for cheaper by leaving off the Cloud Pillow Top, but for hotel-like comfort, we recommend keeping this luxurious addition.

Other Four Seasons hotel sleep accessories you can buy

For the full Four Seasons Signature Mattress sleep experience, consider invest in the sleep set. A queen size will set you back $6,710 at the Four Seasons shop (without the foundation), and your luxurious set includes the mattress, sheets, a duvet cover and duvet inserts, down and feather pillows, and down and feather Euro Pillows. It's the easiest way to transform your bedroom into a five-star hotel room.

Alternatively, you can buy the bedding options separately to build your own premium bed at home. To inspire the ambience, consider picking up a Signature Votive Candle, 30% off in the Four Seasons sale. Or if you really want to impress your guests, learn The Art of Hospitality with this illustrated guide to the Four Seasons, $120 at the Four Seasons shop.

A close-up showing the end of a Four Seasons Signature Mattress, including the Four Seasons label and the quilted top

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Should you buy the Four Seasons Hotel mattress?

The Four Seasons mattress features a luxurious hybrid design with multiple layers of pressure-relieving, cooling foam, followed by supportive, individually pocketed coils, with enhanced lumbar support to limit back pain. It's undoubtedly a premium design, and if you've spent a night in a Four Seasons hotel, you might consider it worth the investment.

However, the Four Seasons Signature Mattress is priced beyond our premium bracket, with a cost above the majority of beds found in our best luxury mattress guide. Even for a hotel mattress, this is an expensive bed – a queen costs over $2,000 more than the equivalent mattress used in the Hilton hotel. In addition, brands such as Saatva and WinkBed offer affordable alternatives with similar builds and firmness levels.

With that in mind, Four Seasons is a brand that's almost synonymous with luxury, and the bed plays a huge role in that reputation. If you want sumptuous resort sleep, the Signature Mattress is a great way to achieve it.

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