How to make your mattress feel like a 5 star hotel bed

The Westin Heavenly Bed in a hotel bedroom, made up with sheets, comforter, pillows, duvet, boudoir pillow, and bed skirt
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Hotel beds are renowned for their comfort, enticing guests to snuggle up and enjoy deep, restorative sleep. Want to recreate that feel in your own home? This guide is here to help, with advice on how bedding choices can help you enjoy hotel-style luxury sleep without the high price tag. 

Yes, choosing the best mattress plays a part in achieving that comfort – and if you want the actual mattresses used by hotels, you can often buy them online. However, much like a stay in a hotel is all about the experience, a good night's sleep on a hotel mattress is thanks, in part, to the overall bed experience. 

The Westin Heavenly Bed was created after countless hours of research into what was required to create the perfect sleep environment. And that time was well spent, with the Heavenly Bed becoming one of the most popular hotel mattresses. Westin explains the Heavenly Bed feels so good because it uses 10 layers of bedding to create a sumptuous experience. And here's how you can do it at home for less. 

5 steps to make your bed feel like the Westin Heavenly Bed

1. Use a pillow-top mattress topper

After testing more than 50 beds from different hotel chains, Westin discovered that a pillow-top mattress was the key to a dreamy night's sleep. A pillow-top mattress has a cushioned upper layer that sits above the main bulk of the mattress, providing a cozy finish to your bed – no wonder hotel chains love them.

The best pillow-top mattresses are typically premium buys, so if you're attempting to recreate the Heavenly Bed on a budget, this might not be the solution. Instead, consider adding a topper to your current mattress. The best mattress toppers bring another layer of comfort without breaking the bank. 

But if you don't mind spending a little more, you can buy the bed used in Westin hotels. There's up to $1,000 off the Westin Heavenly Bed mattress and box spring at the Westin Store.

A woman lifts the edge of her white mattress topper placed on top of a white mattress

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2. The triple sheeting method

If you want to emulate hotel elegance, it's not enough to just throw a fitted sheet on your bed and call it a day. The Westin Heavenly Bed uses three sheets: a fitted sheet, a flat sheet, and a middle sheet. 

Not quite sure what to do with all that? Let's break it down. First, a fitted sheet covers the mattress (and the mattress protector). Next, the middle sheet is placed on top of the fitted sheet and tucked in at the base and sides. After that, add your down blanket. A flat sheet is placed on top of the blanket, and the two are folded in at the sides and base. Finally, a duvet in a duvet cover is carefully positioned as the top layer.

This method is known as triple sheeting and it can reduce cleaning costs by adding easily-washable protective layers between the bigger, bulkier bedding. Also, it gives the bed a polished look, especially if you make the effort to neatly fold all the corner in.

3. Sheets with a 250 thread count (or better)

According to Westin, a 250 thread count is ideal for hotel sheets. Sheets with a thread count of 250 are strong enough to withstand frequent washing, but still fine enough to provide that crisp, luxurious feel. 

At home, you can potentially up the thread count to create a finer feel to your bed. They won't need to be as hardy as the Westin sheets, as they won't be washed every time a guest checks out – although we do recommend washing your sheets one a week.

Making a bed

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4. Pillows, pillows, and more pillows

Hotel beds are designed to luxuriate in, and numerous pillows are key to the irresistible effect. For a queen or king bed, start with two ethically-sourced feather and down pillows, placed so they sit upright against the headboard or wall. Next, place two down alternative pillows resting against the feather pillows. Finally, a boudoir pillow sits in front of the down alternative pillows.

This set-up is both decorative, inviting, and comfortable. The multi-pillow set-up can help you feel supported when sitting or reading in bed, and when you're ready to drift off, simply remove the pillows you no longer need.

5. Focus on the finish

Every detail of the Westin Heavenly Bed has been considered, from the bed skirt to the pillow shams. To recreate the feel at home, aim to emulate the same level of detail. The duvet should be placed in a duvet cover, while pillow shams and matching pillowcases should make the bed look inviting.

Finally, take care to tuck everything in. To truly create a hotel quality you want crisp corners and neat edges, not the dangling sheets and rumpled comforters we're all guilty of during a rushed morning. And keep things clean – traditional hotel whites are a good idea for easy cleaning without fading.

5 things to buy to transform your bed into the Heavenly Bed

1. Tempur-Pedic Tempur-Adapt mattress topper: was from $319now from $191.40 at Tempur-Pedic

1. Tempur-Pedic Tempur-Adapt mattress topper: was from $319 now from $191.40 at Tempur-Pedic
Tempur-Pedic is the company behind several hotel mattresses (although not the Heavenly Bed) so if you want resort-style comfort, the gooey soft cushioning of the Tempur-Adapt topper is a good place to start. At $251.40 for a queen (was 419) it's still a luxurious buy, but significantly cheaper than a hotel mattress. The current 40% off sale has been flipping between the Tempur-Adapt and the Tempur-Cloud toppers, so keep an eye out if you'd prefer the cheaper Cloud. 

2. Helix Cotton Blend Sheet Set: was from $123.80now $99 at Helix

2. Helix Cotton Blend Sheet Set: was from $123.80 now $99 at Helix
These cotton and bamboo blend sheets from Helix are comfortable and breathable, with a 300 thread count that enhances both these properties. They're also durable, and can be machine washed in a gentle cycle (easy washing is an essential in a hotel). Available in three colors, if you want the classic hotel look, stick with white. A queen set is now only $119 (was $148.80) and comes with a fitted sheet, flat sheet, and pillowcases.

3. Feather & Down Pillow: was from $85now $68 at Shop Marriott

3. Feather & Down Pillow: was from $85 now $68 at Shop Marriott
Like Westin, the Marriott also uses feather and down pillows on its luxury hotel beds. You can buy the Marriott Feather & Down pillow direct from the Marriott shop, and it features a firm inner core wrapped in a softer outer layer to keep your head supported and cradled. There's 20% off pillow right now, but this deal is unlikely to stick around for long.

4. NTBAY Standard Pillow Shams: $9.99 at Amazon

4. NTBAY Standard Pillow Shams: from $9.99 at Amazon
No stone is left unturned when it comes to designing the Westin Heavenly Bed, and these pillow shams can give your bed the same look of polished perfection. A single standard size is just $9.99, meaning you can outfit all four of your pillows for under $40.

5. Set of 2 Boudoir Pillow by Looms and Linens: $30 at Walmart

5. Set of 2 Boudoir Pillow by Looms and Linens: from $30 at Walmart
The boudoir pillow is the final decorative touch to the Heavenly Bed, an elegant and entirely impractical addition that nevertheless adds to the sumptuous look. This set from Walmart is a bargain, costing just $30 for two, and you have multiple sizes to choose from. 

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